Monday, February 9, 2015

♥ It's Heart Week! Shop Your Stash and Make Something Heart Felt ♥

 Hearts and Valentines are probably my favorite things to make! And now, it's heart week people! You have a week to stitch, glue and create some heart-felt fun. Maybe I intended a pun's great to get into your stash of felt and stitch up a few quick projects. Last year I made these owl coasters for Valentines. Fast and easy.

 I am always stitching up frippery from felt scraps - they make perfect ornaments for a little Valentine tree. Just get out your Big Shot, do some diecutting, and stitch the layers together.
 Another fast and easy way to use up your felt stash is to cut out a bunch of hearts, and stitch them on the sewing machine (no turning out needed). You can choose to stuff them or not stuff them. They are ready to string up on a Valentines banner or use any way you wish. Stuff them with beans or rice for a beanie toss game!
 Fat felty cats make a cute little Valentines gift. You can stitch a little heart onto their chest, and don't forget a pocket for the kitten!
It doesn't take much felt to make some great heart day projects. And I love stitching on hoop unraveling fabric...just fun, relaxing stitch time! If your stash is low, felt is so inexpensive, so you also don't feel guilty stocking back up! Happy Heart Week!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch

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