Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk Wednesday--Sewing and Upcycling

Happy WOYWW everyone! A blissful crafty cyclone has hit my worktable because I am:

1. Adding trim and embroidery to two well-loved pairs of shorts. 

These shorts were plain and fraying on the hem--I've upcycled them

2. Working on my nephew's birthday box (a tradition from Aunt Sandy), complete with a birthday scout patch I've made, since he's a boy scout.

3. Sewing together my knit squares--forever and ever.
4. Making myself practice changing the presser feet and bars on Violet (my embroidery/sewing machine) because it's actually a little tricky! So I want to be good at it, and not have to yell for hubby's help, since I switch back and forth between the embroidery and sewing functions a lot. Those ladies on the PBS sewing shows on Saturday mornings make it look sew-easy when they change presser feet!

5. Planning a list of what I'm making for the family cookout and fireworks.

6. My nephew just ordered the birthday treats I am to make him which includes: brownies, yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing, and chocolate cupcakes with white icing. This made me laugh. And, when I sang happy birthday to him on the phone, about halfway through the song he said, "Alright, alright. I get the idea." He's 8 going on 18! (and I thought I was a good singer)

Yarn bits and bobs, and make-ahead tags--see my tag this week on Tag Tuesday

7. Making t-shirt yarn--this is really fun. I posted about it yesterday. 

Summer is busy! Friday will be eye checkup day--and they dilate my eyes, which makes my eyes feel sensitive and tender for hours. I might need to go out for a nice lunch to nourish the soul.

Pink lemonade break--sewing makes me thirsty

The weather here in the Ozarks has been beautiful and amazing. I absolutely love every moment! I've been eating salad out of the garden and making Lemon Thyme Squares. Still waiting for the first tomato--it will go right on a tomato and bacon sandwich. Have a happy day! 

Minnie, my helper - as usual
 Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Celebrate


  1. Your artwork is lovely - but my eye will always go to the cat!

    Happy WOYWW to you!

    Create With Joy #7

  2. Cute blog header, very creative! Pretty cat. Barb #11

  3. Love your work. The cupcake order sounds really yummy. Happy crafting #12

  4. Love your cat!
    Gosh you are a busy bee - a sewing bee too.
    Have a happy day - Hugs, Neet 16 xx

  5. Lots of busyness going on today, will go and find out about the t-shirt yarn... I can plain and purl but that's my limit!! Such a pretty cat is Minnie. Annette #4

  6. Sounds like your nephew is keeping you busy this week! Everyone's a critic when it comes to singing!! Hugs. Pam#27

  7. You sound incredibly busy, love the shorts! Have a good week. Helen 2

  8. Wow Sandy you're properly busy this week! But it's all looking great. Good luck with the eye exam and have a great birthday celebration. MMx #47

  9. Wow!!! That is busy, gorgeous and interesting! Your life sounds so colourful. Minnie looks so cute. She needs to link up with my Daisy who always lends a helping paw when I craft! She's sitting with me now as I type and sends purrs! Your shorts look sooo pretty btw! Julie Ann x#49

  10. Wow, not kidding about the cyclone on your desk! You have a lot on your plate here. #49

  11. Oh my you have been so busy and have so much to share with us how do you keep going. Good luck on the exam and the birthday celebrations
    Happy WOYWW today I hope the rest of the week is a good one for you
    Ria #52

  12. Hope you and your family have a great 4th July day!! And a huge thank you for the beautiful ATC which features on my desk this week...and nice envelope too! Did yu make that with your new envelope doohickey?
    Love the 'new' shorts! They look great with the edging and embroidery. I know what you mean about the presser feet changing, but keep at it, you can do it! The results are worth it. The knitted squares are sewing together nicely, you've used lovely colours. I think I'm developing a bit of a blanket fetish, I can't stop making squares. They're so quick and easy to do. Ad for someone who hates sewing up the final thing, I'm actually enjoying putting the crochet together and doing the edging, I don't find it a chore at all. There must be something wrong with me!! Lol
    Hugs, LLJ 59 xx

  13. Looks like a very busy work space. Love the embroidered shorts.
    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a lovely week
    xx Monique #74

  14. lots to see in your post today! my favorites - the cute shorts and of course, the kitty cat! happy WOYWW!

  15. Wow you are busy. It all looks fab! Take care Zo xx 69

  16. Oooh, lots of fun things going on there. I always have to call OH for anything technical on the sewing machines, its all technical to me. Love your t-shirt yarn, look forward to what you do with that, and the shorts are fab.

    nice to see your crafty helper too, I have one of those featured this week but mine is canine.
    Lynda xx
    (I think its 93 this week)

  17. I really need to make some t-shirt yarn ,so simple but so versatile! xx

  18. Very neat things going on :)
    I love the patch for your nephew - you're a great auntie!

    Jana #76

  19. Lovely crafty colourful post today from you with a chuckle thrown in. Thank you so very much for my super stitched ATC,,, (featured on my blog) and the lovely little card to go with it. It was fun to swap all these treasures.
    Minnie is gorgeous!
    Love Jo x

  20. What a lovely post, Sandy. You always have such interesting things going on. Your shorts look gorgeous and love the tea shirt yarn. I could do with some of your casts offs for my rag rugging, those brilliant colours would be perfect. Can't wait to see what you knit with it.
    Hope your nephew has a brilliant birthday.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #72

  21. Love that you haven't had to give up an old favourite piece of clothing...and get you wearing shorts missus..oh for the right weather!! Your nephew knows your strengths huh, how marvellous you are.

  22. You are such a busy bee! I love the shorts re vamp - great idea. x Jo

  23. Wow you are busy upcycling things and it is good you have a helper.
    I don't know why (well I do it was blogger) I thought I was 113, so went and visited all the 3s and told them I was 113. Someone told me I am 136 - so I am whoops, so I am starting over on the 6s, not sure how far I will get!

    I am not brave enough to wear shorts, not until I lose more weight and maybe not even then!

    Cazzy x #136

  24. Very busy -- but a crafty busy! I've never been to the Ozarks. It seems like a great place to live. (except for the cold!!). Brigita #139

  25. What a busy desk you have. I love the tee yarn. I read and re-read the post you did on how to create it, and I don't think I could do it. Would you ever consider doing a youtube video on it? Though I don't know how to knit, so not sure what exactly I would do with tee yarn. But it sure looks really cool.
    I would also like to comment on how pretty your blog is. Have a great weekend. (((HUGS)))