Saturday, June 8, 2013

Me and My Little Typewriter...We Stick Together

Just a little update about my little typewriter. As I wrote in a post a while back, it was discovered that Brother no longer makes the ribbons for my typewriter--and neither does anyone else in the world!

Read: It's a Qwerty Kind of Thing

Lucky for me, I had purchased a quantity of ribbons, way back when, and then put it all away at some point, but now have brought it all back out to art journal, mainly. So, my little typewriter is about four ribbon cassettes away from being put in a storage closet forever. (or possibly disassmbled for art, we'll see)

Anyhoo...I decided to decorate her. She's always been such a sweet but plain little thing--I'll never sell her--so, why not go a little crazy with the stickers! The ones you can't see in the photos are heart stickers all along each side. Makes it all so much more fun now!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Type


  1. i know the feeling, well at least she will not go to waste! i miss my typewritter too hehe

  2. I have rediscovered my typewriter and I love her - maybe she needs decorating too.
    Rosie x