Friday, June 28, 2013

Art Journal EveryDay Fridays--Upcycled Art Journal Page

An upcycled art journal is freedom. It's that simple! No rules, no special shopping, and nothing is a no-no. It's a world of "Yes!" Here is a page from my new/old upcycled art journal...let me tell you about it. The page began with a file folder--the word "happiness" stamped on the index tab. I ran a scrap piece of decorative paper through the embossing boutique, and layered on a piece of the instructions from a vintage dress pattern. This is why I keep my fun scrapbook paper scraps.

Lately, I've really enjoyed using my typewriter to type on vintage dress instructions, after I cut them into usable square pages. I made my own diecut little apron, used a dress tag with a flower and grommet added in the upper left corner, added a little tag, and then some lace, ribbon, inking and stamps.

This page is so fun, with so much texture--and it has some of my stitching to-do list!


So, here are the front and back covers of my upcycled art journal. Tthe original vintage file drawer divider I made the covers from is shown in the middle.
Yesterday I posted the whole story of my journal if you'd like to see more here: A Summer Art Journal. Happy art journaling everyone!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Upcycle


  1. Sandy - i love that you followed the no rules, out of the box. that you describe your process is so rich and wonderful. the list of purchases needed and tea pot and tab...just wonderful. i love that you combined mixed media, scrapbooking, card making. this is quite an art and takes a very special artist to pull it off! very lovely. love and hugs.

  2. How wonderful that you've created something so joyful out of bits and pieces. Beautiful pages full of memories and joy.