Tuesday, November 20, 2012

WOYWW #181 - A Happy Place

 Happy Turkey Week Lovelies--I hope your work desks are busy, happy, creative getaways for you! In the midst of housecleaning, list making and grocery shopping for our big celebration this week, I try to snatch moments of creative calm at my work table.

I couldn't get a decent sunny picture of it, to save my life, so I did snap some of the projects laying around on it.

I finished this little watercolor for the sole purpose of a fun cover for my Smash art journal.

Then I quickly moved on to my newest thing--pocket kitties! I'm embroidering them and stitching them up for various gifts and things this season. Fun!

I'm also sharing some happy plants on my greenhouse--my Christmas cactus is beginning to explode in full bloom...such a wonderful time of year for this plant! And then my Italian flat leaf parsley is a happy camper where I potted her up in an old mixing bowl--love having handy herbs on the greenhouse for my cooking. I'll be stuffing some fresh rosemary in my turkey on Thursday! Yum! On Thanksgiving my family loves roast turkey, stuffing, big rolls, potatoes, and spoon corn bread! My mom makes her pumpkin pie, and there will be cream pies too--but secretly, I'm looking forward to Friday morning pumpkin pie and coffee for breakfast! Then a little Black Friday shopping at the mall.
Making pocket kitties
my dark and sunny streaked table
Flat leaf parsley planted in a mixing bowl
My beloved Christmas Cactus!

Crafty hugs to you all!

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 Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch Yourself Happy!


  1. Your Christmas catus looks a lot like my Thanksgiving cactus! lol Love the pocket kitties, just adorable! Happy Thanksgiving, I'm not doing WOYWW this week, but am checking up on everyone! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. Ooooh, lots of gorgeous things to peek at on your desk/greenhouse shelf this week! The pocket kitties are really cute, I love all the little details you've included on them. For all my lack of patience, I have really enjoyed making angels for Jo's swap....I might even...don't faint....make another!!!! LOL
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. If I needed proof that we were indeed soul sisters, it's the fact that you can't wait for pumpkin pie for breakfast...with me, it's trifle!! Can't be beat as a healthy start to the day...hahahahahahahaha!!
    Hugs, LLJ ~36 xx

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Your kitties are sooo cute! I think they would make such special gifts! Patsy from

  4. Love all of your photos...the pocket kitties are my favorite...!

  5. I love christmas catus. Happy thanks giving for tomorrow.
    Lovely felt kittens as well, jill#49

  6. Such a beautiful watercolour - full of the colour and life which is sorely missing from the grey days we've got at the moment... and the plants in your greenhouse are a glorious reminder that it won't stay grey forever! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  7. Your watercolor is gorgeous! I loves the pocket kitties! My two girls would have a ball playing them. (T and Baby Roo kitties) :D Christmas cactus is doing really well. Happy WOYWW! Nan 93

  8. Good morning, I'm a day late but am trying to pop on by and say hi to everyone this week! Love the pocket kitties!

  9. Ohhh love the flower on your cactus. The pocket kittens are pretty cute. Sandra @18

  10. Those kittens are so cute! Happy WOYWW xxx Laura #51