Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WOYWW #179 - Watercolors

I hope you have a happy work table today, and are truly using that crafty time to relax, express what's on your mind, and experiment a little. 

Julia Dunnit helps us visit lovely work tables around the world right here at What's On Your Workdesk Wednesdays.

One of the things I love about art journaling is using my journal to try out new products and ideas. I had bought a pretty watercolor palette of metallic colors--didn't know how they would turn out. But I love them! I was playing around to create a fun page to come back and journal on later, and the metallic watercolors are still shimmery and sparkly when they dry! They dry fast too. I used my heart stencil for this little lady's face, and then decided I wanted my journaling lines up in her rainbow hair.

So glad I discovered these watercolor paint brushes that you can fill with water, and not worry about a messy cup of water to dip in. Instead, you just squeeze. Wish they had made these when I was little!
So, about ten minutes later, here is what these pages are looking like. I love to keep coming back to art journal pages to layer things on! 
Not much progress on the butterfly scarf this week--I travelled this weekend, and I'm doing NanoWrimo [National Novel Writing Month] at NanoWrimo.org. If you write at least a 50,000 word novel by the end of November, you're a winner! And you probably have a story on your hands--several nanowrimoers have been published.
So this month it's NanoWrimo, knitting, my angels, Christmas cards, and the gingerbread house! Woo hoo! And here's a little snapshot from Halloween last week of my sweet daughter and two nephews, I think my sister is in the background there--I forgot to take a good picture of our chili buffet! But trust me...very yummy. And I showed my family the lovely things LLJ made for me, and they were so excited to see these beautiful handmade items from across the pond! (go back a few WOYWW's if you haven't seen what I'm talking about.) They oo'hd and ahhh'd.
Halloween night was trick-or-treating, big family chili buffet, watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, fresh brownies from the oven and lots of laughter with family.
Eat, WRITE a novel this month, Dream, Stitch.


  1. Quite lovely. I do love watercolors! Thanks for sharing.


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  3. beautiful work! I have never saw the brushes like this, I paint in watercolor mostly now and i use the same brushes i bought 20 years ago, good brushes last a life time with a little care, I will have t check these new brushes out they look like fun!Your art journal looks great and that is a super great Halloween shot!! Cute kids!!

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! That's very nice job using the waterbrushes like that!
    Angie #31

  5. I love art journalling and I have to agree the aqua brushes are fabulous.
    Sandra @10

  6. Good start on your art journal pages. Love my water color brushes, similar to yours. Makes coloring so easy for us non-painters. :) happy WOYWW! Nan 19

  7. Glad the bits and pieces met with your family's approval!!
    Those watercolour pens are fab. I've got some too...they save me from dipping my brush into my coffee instead of the water or indeed, knocking over the water jar all over the table.... sigh. I'm really clumsy sometimes!
    Love your art journal, keep having fun with it, soul sister!!
    Hugs, LLJ #58 xx

  8. I make so much mess with my waterbrushes, but must persevere! Love your journal. Helen 4

  9. Sounds like a very busy week! Love your art journal base - I made my first two pages this week too - I love art journal but just havent got time at the moment as I am going through a sewing phase! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 54

  10. Oh I am off to have a peek at your goodies that got oohhh and ahhhhhs. Those brushes look like lots of fun..Just to let you know the owls have hatched and I managed to get a photo of the babies. I have it on my blog. Sandy :) #44

  11. I love using my art journal for new products and techniques too! get pages! Please hop by my desk #87 Lauren x

  12. Great little brushes - what a good idea. Love the Halloween faces too! x Jo #70

  13. I wouldn't be without my water brush, I love it. Your heart rainbow lady is looking lovely. I like the idea of writing in her hair.
    Glad you enjoyed some family time this week.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #71

  14. Love the look of those water colour pens....have fun.
    A x 64

  15. Still seem to get too much water on everything even with these brushes. Never was good with paint. More a 'slap it on type' of painter, can't really do this delicate stuff. Your lady looks fun though.
    Tricia 124

  16. Love your idea to add the journalling element within the image. Aren't metallic paints fab? And how much fun did you guys have at Halloween?! Everyone looks amazing. Happy WOYWW, hugs Buttons #96

  17. Gorgeous page...I have not seen the metalic. sparkling watercolours up close...they sound pretty.

  18. Love that face so cute! Kids look cool too! Good luck writing your book.