Friday, November 2, 2012

Art-Journal-Every-Day Fridays--Marigolds in the Mail

Marigolds are the guardians of the garden--I plant them around tomatoes, herbs, and veggies to help other plants stay healthy. Once upon a time I was an advertising copywriter, and the catfood product I wrote for contained antioxidants, including marigold extract! I thought that was cool, and imagined to myself that everytime I pruned my marigolds, the antioxidants were getting into my system!

My husband has an interesting stamp collector stash, and gave me all these marigold stamps--so I made a bouquet, right in my art journal, to remind me of all the special hours I've spent in my garden, communing with the marigolds. Happy Friday!

Eat. Write, Dream, Stitch, and stop to smell the marigolds! It's healthy!


  1. We love Marigolds in our house too and plant a lot in the summer. I have a lot of small bunches indoors right now because we had to clear up the garden ready for winter. Although I put some in an old plastic tub by the patio doors so we can still see them every day until they succumb to the frost. Popped in to see your WOYWW post but this one caught my eye instead! Have a great weekend.

    Brenda 1

  2. Lovely page! Wonderful use of stamps! Marigolds remind me of my mother. She planted them in our backyard every year. All colors but the variegated ones were her favorite.

  3. Sweet! I have to remember to plant Marigolds next summer. They'll be so cheerful in with my tomato plants.

  4. I like the way you used the marigold stamps on your page! Marigolds are such happy plants in happy colors! Thanks for sharing.