Monday, May 2, 2016

How to Live What You Love

Oh my goodness, it's Monday...and not the favorite day of so many. But why dread it? Sometimes it comes down to this phrase.

Live what you love.

And whether you have your dream job, work in your home, or have a job for your main support along with a side hustle you love, there are a few things you can do to live what you love, take care of yourself, and enjoy every moment a little more.

1. Be good to yourself. You hear that all the time, so how does it work? When you're good to someone, you talk sweetly to them, you treat them, and you wish them well. Are you doing that for yourself? If not, it's time to start. For me, I'd go get a handbag I want and something else I don't need, like a lovely lavender floral artisan soap or a coffee mug I've been wanting--you know, those kinds of unnecessary things that make your every day brighter. Be your own cheerleader and encourage yourself. Believe in your own success. Go ahead, tell yourself you work hard, you deserve it, and you rock!
Tip: Write down something you're thankful for every day, and that will remind you how special you are. 

 2. I'm not bossy. I'm the boss. That's right. You're the boss of your life, your house, your plans, your thoughts, your dreams, and your goals. Do what a boss does. Enjoy life at the top! If you need a break from something, take it. Ask for help when you need it. Work your life to get the most out of everything, just like a boss. I have my own crafty corner, and guess who the boss is there. Me! I make what want, I dream up what I want, and when I need a crafty haul--you got it. I go get one.
Tip: Get a fun new planner, if you don't have one. Planning has become a little like Smashbooking or's such a bright way to plan your days and your weeks--better than a boss.

3. Skip the hot bath. Now I often read things like, pamper yourself, be good to yourself, take a hot bath and light candles. That always sounds good, but honestly, I just don't always want to take the time to take a hot bath with candles. I will light a candle or two to make the house smell good, definitely yes. I get a massage every now and then. And I love body butter--my latest is the green tea body butter by the Body Shop. Oh my, you must try it. Anyhoo, I'm a shower girl, but there are other things  that make me feel pampered. Let's start with pretty makeup. I'm not a face-fulla-makeup kinda gal. But it makes me sad when I see some of my crafty gal pals totally rejecting makeup because they think it doesn't do any good, or they're too old. Honey, Imma puttin' something on this face even when I'm 80. And besides that, there is makeup that actually makes you feel happier. Case in point, this gorgeous blush I found by Physicians Formula. It's called Happy Booster Glow Mood Boosting Blush. Oh, it smells so good. It actually has natural plant extracts that promote a feeling of happiness! This compact, complete with a mirror and brush, gives you a blush and highlighter in one, so you look gorgeous and feel happy! And it's cute! I have a  tray full of cosmetics that make me happy each day--and I definitely enjoy cute packaging, lip glosses that smell good, and cute makeup brushes. So indulge a little, because making your face happy on the outside, can help on the inside.
Tip: If you're in a makeup rut, break out of it by educating yourself. There are plenty of up-to-date makeup tutorials out there, and you will be delighted with the fresh new ideas for your gorgeous face.
Makeup makes me happy.

Stitching a dollhouse
My newest coloring books
 4. Girl, thread a needle, dip a paint brush, sing, dance or write a word. The point is, if you're creative, create something every day. If you don't think you're creative--try it anyway. Work toward something big, or do a lot of little projects. The point is, creativity just feeds the soul. I don't know why. For me, I absolutely have to thread a needle every day--I paint with thread. But I also have coloring books, paint, and have writing projects going on. Being creative is so satisfying, rewarding, and nurturing. Plus, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Experts say there is a strong connection between being creative and overall well-being. We've become a little bit of a creation nation--just check out all the craft magazines there are out there! YouTube has a whole craft niche. As far as dancing goes--it's true. I'd like to start a fifty-something dance troupe! That would make me happy. Making your soul happy is job one.
Tip: If you need that "creative moment of the day" and you don't have much time, do a little thing. Take a brayer and some paint and quickly create an art journal background. Get out your big shot and diecut for a later project. Pick out a song you want to choreograph a dance for later! Color in your coloring book for five minutes!

 5. Create your own age. Afterall, you're the boss. Don't let anyone age-shame you in any way. Wear your glitter nail polish, dye your hair pink, be over-the-top elegant in black and long pearls, wear purple lipstick, express yourself how you like. Think wearable art! I probably embroider on every pair of jeans and shorts I own! I often say, it's my tattoos--mainly because I don't want a tattoo. But if I did, I'd get one. I don't plan to dress old...ever. That's an old idea. I want to dress and look like me--not how I'm supposed to look at age 55. I'm creating my own double high fives. Also, take selfies girl! Make sure you include you in those Project Life albums--it's your life, and it should be celebrated.
Tip: Remember, don't worry about looking young! Just look like you!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. I love your tips, Sandy! though I think I'm really going to have to work on that 'selfie' one. LOL But I never leave the house without at least base and lip gloss. Now if I could just find a mascara that doesn't run, I'd wear it more often. My eyes always water when I drive.