Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Calm Desk Busy House -- WOYWW 363

Good morning lovelies. Posting my desk today for the desk party over at Miss Jan's. Hugs to you dear Jan for taking over posting duties for our dear Julia!

This is a quick post's just been crazy at my house. That's all. This stitching here keeps me calm and yoga. My babydori is laying there because I'm switching out some little notebooks I found at Barnes & Noble. So cute. I made this midori out of a piece of Coach leather I upcycled. My big midori is laying on the left--has my planner in it and I use that thing every day.

My darling daughter graduated from college last week with her bachelor of science degree, and I'm sooo proud of her. She's going to graduate school, she has some major projects happening this summer and she is just a sweet, wonderful, amazing girl. We do our best and then hope for the best, don't we? I do love having some time at home with her right now, and graduation is a crazy time for the household!

Happy Wednesday!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. Lots of nice things on your desk. Chanel Nr 5, a lovely mug and a fun monkey with huge eyes.
    Congratulations on your daughter's BSc. I'm sure you must be very proud.
    Your cross stitch is looking good too.
    I must dash too.
    Happy WOYWW,
    Have a good week,

  2. A little bit of cross stitch can keep the crazy at bay can't it! You do look like you are getting on well with it - it looks like the little bedroom is nearly done. Big congratulations to your daughter on getting her degree - you must be one proud mom.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my desk, I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #26

  3. Thank you for sharing pics of your girl's graduation on FB, I really loved seeing how happy you all were. I think we can be proud of our offspring :-)
    I think I need to start a planner as there is so much going on in my life right now and I'm running around like a blue ar@£*d fly. Can you point some much needed focus my way please?!
    It's been cold over here too - I planted my beans, sprouting broccoli, mange tout and beetroot the other day, then the overnight temp went down to 2C! I think they've survived but it was touch and go. My cucs and tomatoes are still quite small but they're in the greenhouse so should be ok. I spent an extortionate amount on the cucumber seeds, £3.50 for four but apparently, they crop really heavily so should be good value. I haven't seen many butterflies yet, been too chilly, but I always think of May and June being happy and free :-)
    Love ya, LLJ xxxx

  4. Oooh! Love whats on your desk today - wish I could linger for longer! Chrisx 42

  5. Yes, being creative in all ways is like yoga or any healing activity. Art keeps us sane as they say... :)

    Happy WOYWW!
    Sussie nr 16

  6. Your cross stitch is continuing to grow - well done. Congratulations to your daughter on her BSc - wonderful. Enjoy your time with her.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  7. Wonderful desk. Lovely stitching. Congrats to your daughter! My last 'child' graduated from university at Christmas - now on to the career!

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #45

  8. Such loveliness on your desk. Congratulations to your daughter. Anne x #24

  9. Go Mom! YOu've done an amazing job raising your daughter. Though I have to say, your profile picture does not depict that of someone old enough to have raised a college graduate! Congratulations to you both. Creative Blessings! Kelly #51

  10. I'd have to agree with Kelly ( I was very surprised picturing your smiling face and equating that to a mom of an college graduate) :) Good Genes! Love the stitching, the colors are so fun Sandy. ~Stacy #52

  11. Busy desk and so much going on for you. I'm on catch-up this week so a bit late but just wanted to wish you happy woyww, Angela x 20

  12. The first thing I saw is the heart Starbucks cup. I saw that at Starbucks and didn't buy it and now I'm kicking myself (well, trying anyway)!
    Congratulations on your daughter's graduation.
    The cross stitch project looks very colorful!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Hugs, Kay (4)

  13. Congratulations to your daughter! You look way too young to have a grown-up child, Sandy! Keep yourself calm with your stitching - I can imagine that can be very meditative. Have a great weekend and thanks for popping in! zsuzsa #37