Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WOYWW 333--Wonky but Cute

Watching YouTube videos on my tablet and decorating dori books.
My poor sister gets one of the wonky ones! I'll explain...but first, welcome to What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday where we link up with deskers all over the planet courtesy of Miss Julia.

So...when I first started stitching Midori-style traveler's notebooks, the first few were a wee bit wonky here and there. I think you know what I mean if you're a sewist. For example, one of my friends made her own wedding dress, and it was wonky, although super cute. So she made the second one more perfectly, and used the first one to wear into the ocean for some of the photos. You couldn't tell it was wonky in any way in the photos, of course, especially when soaked in the ocean, so that was brilliant, and her perfect version stayed perfect.

So while I'm not going to photograph my Stitchydori's in the ocean, I don't feel I can sell the more wonky ones either, although they are super cute, and thus dear little sister got a wonky one. BUT, she doesn't seem to mind and that's my desk up there in the middle of me making some cute booklets for her Stitchydori, so there you go. I think my favorite thing might be making the booklets. I'm trying get her more organized, so this is her test to see if she will start using a planner.

I'm starting to decorate my 2016 planner booklets, so I'll be posting about that tomorrow. And after I get out of my morning meeting, I plan to visit some deskers this afternoon! Have a lovely Wednesday.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. He he - I am making a roman blind for my sister BUT she is a very clever sewist so I daren't make her a wonky one - I will be concentrating hard on getting lines straight (and hope she doesn't notice if I don't!!) x Jo

  2.'s like I give the imperfect cakes to my boys not the guests!! We all know where you're coming from. Making two wedding dresses might be a step too far for me though :-)
    Hope you're all back up and running after your eye surgery...that's a lovely pic of you on FB. You don't look your age!!
    Good luck with the planner booklets, I shall pop back tomorrow to have a peek :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xxxx

  3. There's nothing wrong with wonky things, although like Jan, making two dresses is definitely a step too far, but don't you always find that when you make something for the first time, the second one is always just that bit better. I bet your sister loves her wonky book.
    Hugs Lisax #19

  4. There's nothing wrong with a bit of wonky, and I'm sure your wonky is still very beautiful! I have to agree with Jan, I do the same with my decorated cakes, the family get the disasters and the guests get the perfect ones! I hope your sister gets organised, although how could she not with one of your amazing planners. Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #30

  5. Hi SandyLeigh...hey I yes I agree we all have wonky creations...for special projects I mostly make a mock-up in paper. and I am trying to train myself to not be a perfectionist...just know that my work is 'handmade'... lol.... Have a fab week and enjoy making your booklets, cheers RobynO#35

  6. It's not bad if something is a bit wonky, that's the charm of handmade!

    Greetings, Sofie #56

  7. Wonky is just another way to say 'character'. ;-) Must be something in the air as I've been putting my 2016 planner together as well and will be posting next week.
    Creative Blessings! Kelly #47