Thursday, October 22, 2015

Decorating Planner Booklets for Your Midori

The reason I love Midori traveler's notebooks is, of course, all the booklets you can carry inside! The booklets may be planners, listy books, art journals, or anything you need. Whether you make your own or order your booklets, they start out pretty plain. And they are fun to decorate. Recently I got out my planner booklets I downloaded from a free website and got to work decorating the 2016 booklets. They give me six months in one booklet in a weekly format.
You will know what you like when you start playing around with your papers, stamps and stickers.
 When you make or receive your Midori booklets, just get out your favorite patterned papers, scraps, stash, and start having fun. I use stamps, washi, stickers, and journaling cards too. I like to use different patterned papers on the front and back covers. After measuring them to fit the cover, using the booklet itself, I glue them on, and then add washi tape to the spine.
After I finish decorating, I add packing tape to laminate the spine and the front edge so that my booklet won't get frayed or come apart over its months of use.
I used letter stamps for the planner cover
 Then I worked on the inside cover. I look at my planner every day, so I like using my favorite papers and themes. I had these Lucy stickers, and once I decided to go with Vitametavegimin, I had a little 50's advertising theme going for this inside cover. I used some clippings from my mothers vintage Workbasket magazines and they were perfect, and also remind me of my sweet mother.
Inside front cover
 You can just have fun with your scrap papers, sparkly washi tape, and stickers. I always love a good cupcake sticker too!
The inside back cover of my planner
 Decorating the booklets is as much fun as using them I think! It's a great way to use your scraps and paper stash, because anything goes. Make what you want to look at all the time.
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I made a Stitchydori with my favorite matryoshka doll fabric!

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  1. These are adorable...I'm partial to matryoshkas! Hope you're doing well Sandy!