Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WOYWW 315--The Craft Desk Grand Tour

This is my Wednesday linkup to What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday hosted by the creatively talented Mrs. Julia Dunnit. Snap a pic of your workspace and join in!
Here's something different for today--the grand tour of my big ole crafty desk. For about a year I was working on a table in the middle of my craft space. There was no room! The desk here had a shelf so that I could stand and work on my computer--due to back problems--and also stand and sew. It also got piled up. A few weeks ago I changed everything. Got way more organized, cleaned out, and streamlined. Now I have a  better sewing nook, and I've moved back into this desk, put the leaves down on the other table and use it as a cutting station with my mats, Big Shot, and little embossing purse. So now that I have every corner of this desk cleaned out and rearranged, hop on the shuttle and enjoy the tour!

First stop: the big picture--a rare picture. I paid four dollars for this desk in a silent auction in 1999, I'm pretty sure it's from the 1960's with its heavy wood and pullouts on each side. We painted it a few times, and the top is actually a door. The mailbox shelves are salvaged and painted that crackle green. I plan to repaint them white though. This is a late Tuesday afternoon photo--I was embroidering my shorts, working in my planner, and binge watching Real Housewives of New York!

Now we're approaching the tippy top of the shelves, and there is a big basket of cotton yarn to the right--and some storage on the other side. Shuttle over next to my desk and it is a nice tall bureau with a roll-down top  that organizes my embroidery supplies, favorite craft books, beads and jewelry-making, fabric scraps I use a lot, and envelopes and card bases I've made. I also keep my pink Instax camera and film there in a dedicated little drawer.
We're traveling to the far left corner where I keep the things I reach for often in two organizers, and a cigar box with a little wicker tray on top. Hanging on a hook there is a little watercolor journal I made from a tissue box.
I will pull this organizer out to show you--I just got it at Hobby Lobby. It was 9.99 and I had a 40% off coupon, so pretty good for something that keeps my desk much cleaner. It's exactly what I needed for the pens I use a lot, my little Martha Stewart scoreboard, paper cutter, scissors, little stickers and post-its, and most importantly and finally a special place to perch my crop-a-dile. It fits perfectly. I keep a plastic organizer of grommets in the cigar box.

Now we'll tour the far right corner--it used to  be a stacked up mess. I banished the mess. My prisma colored pencils and a couple of pair of scissors I use a lot are in a small, wide crystal vase for easy access, and I have some silk flowers. When I moved back to this desk, I wanted to pretty it up a little, because when I have a big crafting's not that pretty. And I need a little pretty to make me happy--silk flowers are a great solution for a craft space. Later in the summer I hope to have some fresh flowers here from the cutting garden, and it's also a place holder for those occasional lovely bouquets from my hubby. Right behind the vase of flowers, I've found a new permanent place to perch my ATG gun. It's kind of hidden, but very accessible. Perfect for me.
I hope you enjoyed the tour today and as we depart I had to show you one more thing I brought out. I love this little date stamp from Smash. You can choose from several little sayings to stamp with the date! They still have them at Michaels. I keep it right at the front of my desk drawer.

The drawer is pretty organized too--but this was before I found a new place for the crop-a-dile and pens--so now I have a few other things in there to make life easier. In fact...I'll never let things in my main desk drawer be piled up and loose again! Sorry for the long tour today--I very rarely do that. But I was just a little too proud of myself for all the cleaning out and organizing I've done. My advice is that when the organizing bug hits you, go with it! You'll be so happy with the results.
Happy Wednesday lovely!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Organize


  1. I think you're perfectly entitled to show off your organising handiwork, it's fab. Your space is so lovely..I really like the way everything is to hand and you don't have to waste time searching for whatever it is that you need at that point! My sewing table is really a folding picnic table but a very sturdy one..When my husband was organising a clear out for a television studio, that table was going to be thrown in the skip (dumpster?) and bless him, he thought that I could make use of it. Boy, have I !! And that, together with four boxes of fabric and a couple of bags of yarn and a cupboard with my jewellery stash and beading things is ALL I have to play with, lolol!! This is why I just can't take on another craft, there's not enough space :-)
    How's your garden doing? We've been eating salads and radishes for a while now. I grew these weird mixed leaves, which look like weeds frankly, but they're awesome in both salad and stir fries...quite peppery, like rocket.
    I'm starting to job hunt again...I'd rather be a lady of leisure but with Rhys hoping to go to university in September, it's gotta be done......
    Hope you're well and happy.
    Hugs, LLJ 8 xx

  2. Oh wow, Sandy, I am glad it isn't only me that like to organize my crafting gears and stuff. I love the way you have done it and all. Thank you ever so much for your visit at my blog and for sharing your art with us....

    Kind regards
    Mariane £49

  3. Your Craft space looks fab- I love looking at how crafters organise so - I am now inspired to have a tidy up :) Thanks for your visit.
    Soojay 10#

  4. Oh I love how organised you are!

  5. You are just so organized! I hope to get there when done purging my room! Thanks for stopping by and happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #45

  6. Wow your desk is so organised - it must have taken you so long to ger everything where you wanted it!! On the plus side at least you know where everything is! Love the stamp! Lea #30

  7. I did enjoy the tour, reminds me of the fact that I promised myself (and all 'deskers') tat I would declutter and clean up my atelier too... still haven't come to that. Ohmy... anyway, happy woyww and a big hug from Holland, Marit #38

  8. Wow you did a smashup organizational job there! so tidy. Love your space. Thanks for visiting. Peg 50

  9. WOW! What a fab work area you have. I love the desk.

    I like Real Housewives of New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Atlanta and New York. We've not had New York for a while now and Atlanta has just finished. So have to make do with Beverly Hills and New Jersey at the moment.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW.
    Sue #20

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of your delightful and very feminine work desk. I love the mailbox shelves, especially that crackled robin blue shade you have them done in. Blessings!

  11. I'm so impressed with your lovely new organized craft space. To be able to have everything within handy reach is a dream I have, but for now, I work on my table, with other goodies all around it in various hidden containers and storage units. I love what you have done, and I like that you have included some gorgeous flowers and goodies to brighten and beautify the place.

    Thanks for visiting earlier. Happy WOYWW from # 5.

  12. Love your newly organised space Sandy - you are right to be proud and I enjoyed looking. Thanks for popping by mine. I had to smile when you said you had one of those things for making boxes - so do I but I didn't think to use it :-) Anne x #25

  13. Nice job organizing! Everything looks beautiful AND orderly.

    Thanks for the blog visit earlier and the nice comments. :-)

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #23

  14. it looks so fabulous :) I love the mix of colors as you glance around your room and as much as I love real flowers that is something I think I would never bring into my studio because of the klutzy thing... I'd for sure knock it over. probably on something I spent too much time fiddling around with. :) ~Stacy #50

  15. Well done with the organising, don't think I will ever get there. Have a great week and a happy woyww, Angela xXx 26

  16. Enjoyed the tour! And I am on day 1 of cleaning out my crafting room so You have motivated me! Love that little organizer from Hobby Lobby. Thank you so much for stopping by earlier.

  17. Thanks for calling round at mine yesterday
    Well done you with organising and tidying your crafty space.....such a lovely place to play now :-)
    Annie x # 9

  18. Hi Sandy Leigh, happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting my desk. You certainly have done a fab joy tidying and re-organising you craft space...I did mine this week too. Have fun in there now cheers RobynO#16

  19. Thanks for the tour, hope you've messed up a bit by now! I love a declutter every now and then -when I can't find something where I thought it would be, it's usually time to start tidying :) happy woyww!
    Kristiina #19

  20. Thanks for the tour! fab, well organized crafty space now Sandy. x Jo

  21. Proud of yourself. And so you should be! What an achievement! So organised! I am well impressed. Thank you for the tour, I loved looking round your craft space. That HobbyLobby storage thing looks like a good buy. It looks very practical.
    Yes, those silk flowers are gorgeous. I hope you will now spend many happy hours in your newly organised space.
    Thanks for visiting earlier,
    Have a great week,

  22. Hi Sandy, Your reorganised craft space look fabulous! I love the mannequin, and the green storage cubby and I really like the silk flowers. They sure look real from here :)

  23. Firstly sorry for visiting so late, life is not the best ATM I have totally enjoyed your tour today and what a beautiful space you have to craft in, it is always good to see the inner sanctum of people. Sometimes you pick up on the sweetest of things, like your teddy and flowers and pink you must like pink. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda
    Belated WOYWW

  24. Thanks for the tour. Am sure you will feel the benefit of your "refit" - love that desk and oh em gee, what a bargain!
    Thanks for the visit earlier
    Hugs, Neet xx

  25. OH WOW...congratulations your space is so nice. I love the aqua cubbie, a good way to display stash! And your sweet mannequin. It's nice you could work in a few fun things too. I've been trying to paint and unify my area forever, it's a slow process. Thanks for the visit and Thanks for the lovely tour. I love a good snoop ! Have a fun weekend Sandy

  26. It is lovely that you have flowers and Laos amongst your spaces, I can see why it would be good to have such pretties. I love your reorganisation and that it's making you happy.....I couldn't see the ATG gun at all, so am guessing it's the perfect place to stow it! And somehow, I believe you when you say you won't let get 'bad' again!

  27. Your desk looks amazing and you have every right to be proud of yourself and your desk. Wishing you many happy days crafting on your lovely desk. Vikki #27