Monday, June 15, 2015

Busting Your Scrapbook Paper Stash Starts Today--Dress Up Your Drawers

If you have a craft room...a crafty corner...or even a craft closet you probably have a nice little collection of those beautiful scrapbook papers. Mainly because we can get our pretty papers in huge themed 12X12 or 8-1/2X11 or even smaller pads, our collections easily grow.
But let's get one thing clear: I love my scrapbook papers!

I use scrapbook paper for so many things beyond scrapbooking and cardmaking because I want to look at it and enjoy it all the time. Scrapbooks get put away and cards are given away or sold...therefore I'm sharing some of my more unique ways to bust your scrap paper stash and actually enjoy looking at those pretty pieces of patterned papers that you love.

Of course you love it, or you wouldn't have bought it.

Visit me every Tuesday and Thursday for a while and I'll have something fun to DIY, upcycle, and create with your prettiest papers, just for you.
Yep--that's scrapbook paper!
Today's pretty quick, because you're going to catch onto this pretty quick. You know we love to line our desk and dresser drawers, but we never do anything with the sides! I happen to have a big ole desk for my crafting and work that happens to be kind of vintage, and the actual desktop was a door and it's all painted. So I pulled out the drawers, measured the sides, and cut some scrapbook papers to fit. I just used my ATG gun, and wallah. I have pretty drawers when they're pulled out! Smooth the papers down well and try to affix them as far back on the side of the drawer as you can so that the paper won't catch when you push the drawer back in. If you wish, use papers from a themed pad so that you can have coordinating patterns for each drawer. Enjoy!

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  1. I really like this idea! I don't scrapbook, but seem to have a collection of paper anyway. I only have one drawer in my craft space and now I know what I will do with it!

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    1. Thank you, I was hoping others would enjoy it!

  3. Love the tour of your craft room - I have similar organizers in my desk!
    Would love for you to share your tour at Inspire Me Monday (and if you go back two weeks, you'll catch the announcement of Where Bloggers Create, which you are all ready for! :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

    Ramona #17

    1. Oh thank you! I will do that! Have a good weekend. :)