Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mini Folders for the Little Things - Busting Your Patterned Paper Stash

It's Tuesday and I'm back with my little continuing series on busting your paper stash! Today it's a quick post about making mini folders.
These are quick, easy, and useful--exactly what we like! They slip perfectly into a wicker stationery caddy on my desk, and I use them to organize things I want to include in a scrapbook layout, such as a ticket that was in my purse, a stamp I clipped off of something, a cute product tag I saved to upcycle, or a little photo. Other mini folders are dedicated to things like this week's receipts, magazine clippings, stray sticker sheets, and whatever ways you choose to sort out those little pieces of paper that would otherwise be strewn on your desk!
My mini folders are filed in this caddy on my desk--very handy!

They are made from some pretty, cardstock weight 12X12 patterned papers, cut to 6X12. Then I put them on the little scoreboard, put the crease in the middle at 6 inches, and add a coordinating tab with adhesive. 
I use the Sizzix On the Edge Die by Tim Holtz for file tabs to make my coordinating tabs--the tabs can be made from your scraps too, because the die is not very wide at all. I really love that particular die, and I have used it a lot in my organizing and planner making and now folder making--what it's really meant for! Just think, with that die, you could make any size folder. It also makes a cute card I've seen done.

However, you can easily fussy cut your tabs, or you can buy a post-it product for your tabs.

The point is, in just a couple of steps you have yet another beautiful way to organize yourself, enjoy your pretty paper stash, and keep your desk space clean for creating! Have fun!

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