Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Pocket for Your Pocketbook--Today's Quick Fix for Your Patterned Paper Stash

My sweet mother always called her purse a "pocketbook." I remember her saying things like, "where's my pocketbook" ... "get that out of my pocketbook" ... "Sandra Leigh, just put it in my pocketbook" ... and trust me, she had that pocketbook by her side at all times and if she didn't she panicked until she knew where it was!

Anyhoo...on to today's scrappy stash buster. If you carry a bigger, more structured bag and end up with a plethora of receipts stuck in there, a random coupon or two, a printout, a piece of mail, a photo,  those things can get so smooshed in your bag!

Here's your very fast scrappy stash buster solution: stitch together two pieces of 8-1/2X11 cardstock weight patterned paper. I stitched mine on three sides on the sewing machine in a minute. It slipped right into the side of my bag, and now those random papers that are in transit, don't get bent up.
This is an organizing solution for your bag that doesn't really take up any room, and it also provides a nice dashboard for your random post-it notes on the go where you have jotted down a few things to get at the store, or what to remember to pack in your bag for the day.
I used two pieces of this patterned paper from a set, so there's a different pattern for each side. Fun!

Visit the first scrappy stash buster from earlier this week and dress up your drawers.
I do think stitching is really the only option here, because stuffing things in and out of this pocket would be a little too wearing on adhesive. Go wild and make a couple!
Also, if you're a bag girl, this is the Caelin City Plated Buckle Satchel from Charming Charlie in coral for $39.00. I couldn't pass it up, and I left the clear plastic on  some of the buckles! They are so shiny, and this bag looks rich. It's a great summer bag for me right now. When Coach and Dooney are not in my budget I can usually find something fun at CC.

See you next Tuesday with a DIY Planner that can really bust your scrappy stash. Enjoy!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch

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