Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When You're Not Feeling Creative

When your muse is taking a break and the inspiration is not there, what do you do? I always wonder what causes this in the first place! Maybe too many projects in a row, and you just need a break. Or maybe your energy is down for a plethora of reasons. Maybe you're overwhelmed by your supplies and stash and can't even think of what to sew or glue to what! Maybe you're hungry, or need coffee!
I think matryoshka dolls are my muses!
It does take some creativity to keep busting your stash--but a good way to start is by shopping your own stash.

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Spending time with loved ones can boost your energy and creativity.

Here are a few more ways that seem to help me get creative again.

ORGANIZING--If my crafting space gets too cluttered and crazy, I can't think anymore. When I start putting some things away and doing some organizing and reorganizing, the ideas start to flow.

MAKE A MAKE-LIST--I actually keep lots of lists...that's another story. But my best list ever is what I call my Master Make List. It just has everything on it that I want to make someday. Some things are pretty basic like, "Work on the House Cross-Stitch" which I know is a bunch of cool patterns from El Blog de DMC that will eventually make a whole house, room by room. And I know I want to do it. But I have other things on the list in more detail such as, "Design a pattern for a stuffed cat" and underneath that line, I have indented and put a list of very specific features I want to create on my stuffed cats, like a die-cut heart embroidered with the word "joy" and embroidered eyes and eyelashes, etc. The point is, that list could be your muse when you need it.

CREATE WHEN YOU'RE CLEANING--When I have to break down and actually clean house, do dishes, do laundry, go to work, grocery shop, I still let my mind wander creatively, and I keep a little file of notes on my phone so nothing and no idea gets away from me no matter where I am. It just might make it to my Master Make List.
Inspired by junk journals I've seen on Pinterest

MAKE PINTEREST WORK FOR YOU--The whole reason I have boards full of beautiful embroidered projects, craft ideas, jewelry making, art journaling and mixed media is to inspire me when I need it. I had first joined Pinterest long ago when a friend invited me. I thought it was great looking at fun pictures, but it didn't really catch on with me until I realized that a lot of crafters have got on there and you can see some amazing work that cannot fail to inspire you. I'll share a few of my boards right here.

Sandy Leigh's Sew Blissful Stitching Board
Sandy Leigh's Art Journaling Board
Sandy Leigh's Scrapbooking Board
Sandy Leigh's Recipe Board
Sandy Leigh's Mixed Media Board
Craft with a child--my nephew wanted to make shell people the other day!

I even have boards devoted to the color pink, bento boxes, matryoshka dolls, gardening, and craft shows. Sometimes, just getting on Pinterest and pinning things to my boards inspires me.

SIP SOMETHING HOT--So I know it's now spring, at least here in the Ozarks, but something about the ritual pleasure of sipping a delicious hot tea makes me feel happy and creative. Keep some flavors of herbal teas you love in your cupboard, and you'll see what I mean. A little honey always makes it better too.

If you have some ideas about how to get the muse back, please share them here! Happy creating!
Mix up your media--stitching on paper always makes me feel creative!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch

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  1. Hi Sandy, your post came at just the right time as my muse has taken a vacation. I've also come down with one of those horrible viruses that is going around so I'm a bit run down. However, I'm not flat out in bed anymore and I need to get back at it. Another time when I get in a slump is right after I've finished something and I'm not sure what is next. I love your idea of keeping a master list. For now, my studio is a mess, so I'm going to start with a good clean up...then maybe a little Pinterest time to start that list! Thanks for the inspiration!