Monday, March 2, 2015

Stash Dash 2015 - Use the Tools You Have

Stash Dash 2015 Five Simple Rules

Remember when you were at that craft fair and couldn't resist the adorable little yarn-making-spinning-mabob contraption? Or what about the four-functions-in-one jewelry tool you couldn't live without? And don't forget the trip to Michaels where you absolutely had to have that complete set of Martha Stewart punches for the most fabulous scrapbook pages ever made. Afterall, you used a coupon.

I think the biggest challenge for some of us who don't have massive size craft studios is, we HAVE to put things away. We have no choice--we have a small space to craft, we still need and want things like great crafting tools, but they can't all sit out within view. Then comes the dilemma--out of sight, out of mind.

Always keep the instructions.
Purposely using your stash this year also reminds you to use your tools--especially the ones you may have forgotten all about. It's just a matter of a little organization and making a point to, once a month at least, use your tools.

Last week, I got out the ole flower loom. (picked it up with a good coupon last year) It initially appealed to me, because looms are fun, whimsical, can even be used by children, and in the dead of winter who doesn't want to make some flowers? Plus, it's another great way to bust my yarn/ribbon stash a little, and I couldn't make flowers without it. But it's one of those things that I don't HAVE to have, so it was put away last year and I just forgot about it. I've had some fun with it though--and I'm making flowers for everything from tags to scrapbook pages to stuffed animals! A double layered flower would make a cute pin. These kind of looms have several sizes and shapes you can snap in and start weaving. It only takes a few minutes to make something.
Then there are tools we'd like to forget we even bought!

Were you fooled by any tools lately?
Because sometimes we get these things home, we may or may not even try them out right away. We may let them lay around our craft table a few weeks to see if they magically make on their own. Then we put them away with everything else.

That's why this is the year to get rid of your tool hoarding non-usage guilt! In other words, it's time to use it or lose it.

Of course, you may have a huge craft studio, and can keep all the tools you want forever. But in my little crafty corner, everything has to earn its keep.

So once a week or so, I'm getting out a tool that still looks like new, and making something. In doing this, I'm going to know what stays and what goes. This week, the flower loom stays! I confess, I forgot how it worked. But I was smart enough to keep the instruction sheet with the loom kit, and in no time at all I was up and running and producing a whole flower garden. So, note to you--always keep the instructions with your tools!

I have to say, after the coldest February in the Ozarks ever, I love making flowers.
So what about the tools that fooled you? Put them in a box. And when you have a few, have a fun crafty tool swap with your crafting buddies, what else? Maybe someone doesn't want their flower loom--so you can get started on your own flower garden! However, I do recommend it, and if you find the need to visit Michael or JoAnn, just use a coupon. You can use so many things in your stash with this tool--yarn, ribbon, cording, twine, or a combination. Happy stashing!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch in Flowers

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