Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bust Your Bead Stash with Easy-to-Make Glass Bead Bangle Bracelets

This week: my bead stash.
Easy to make glass bead bangles
So it's kind of amazing to me how many beads I really have! I have beads that found their way into my stash from my daughter's childhood jewelry making, which she's no longer interested in. Although, she had quite a little jewelry business going on in grade school, with actual customers! Anyhoo, I also have beads from my sweet mother, who ordered kits, didn't want them, etc. And the rest I have because I have bought every bag of beads on sale with a coupon, so it was quite frugal of me. Then I stumbled onto some great YouTube tutorials on having fun with wire and beads, and started noticing that there is beautiful copper colored wire available for your findings stash, and I got a little excited last year. 
Just put a loop and twist on the end, and start beading!
So, with all of that pretty wire, beads, and findings in my stash, plus some great little tools mom gave me, I had plenty to start making some fun earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Having sold several pieces, I had put it all away for months. I'm afraid I had forgotten some of my techniques I learned, so, I'm back into my bead stash--not adding anything--just using what I have to make things I want to wear, share, and sell!

I have a few unopened packages of beads and findings--kinda loving it.
Today I'm sharing my simple bead and wire bracelets. With a 20-guage gold covered copper wire, I'm making several bangles featuring Czek glass seed beads--so lovely--and some with just one sparkly acrylic bead, and others with a few colorful ceramic beads. The 20-guage seems to hold its shape well for a bangle. I start by cutting a bit of wire that will have enough room to put a loop on the end, and eventually be big enough to slip over my hand onto my wrist. After I have all the beads strung on, I put a little loop on the other end, wrap the two ends together, snip and smash down with my three-in-one tool so that there is no sharp edge. It's really quite easy, and these glass bead bangles are fun to stack! Come back Thursday to see my earrings--dangly ones!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Bead

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  1. Your bangles are lovely and look fun to make. Thanks for stopping by last week and leaving your thoughts on my exhibition pieces.