Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tag Tuesday Celebrates Autumn

Do you love Autumn? If so, I bet you can list a ton of things you love about it. 

I don't love Autumn, but I didn't have any trouble thinking of all the wonderful things about the season, and I celebrated a few of them with my tag tribute.

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I am a sun-loving, barefoot in the garden, tomato/basil growing, walk-on-the-beach, splash-in-the-pool, ice-tea-drinking summer lover!

But even I found comfort in autumn. I made my tag by layering five different scrapbook papers, using pink distress ink to ink the edges and subtly stamp on the music notes, sewing on a button, stitching on the lace, and adding a chunky yarn loop--knitting is another favorite fall thing to do!

I love to sip hot tea, bake pies and muffins, look at the pretty leaves, and use my first jar of garden tomatoes in the first batch of chili on Halloween every year. When the kids are in and out trick-or-treating, it's great just to have a chili buffet setup and everyone can have chili with all the toppings whenever they are ready.

Happy Tuesday!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Sip

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