Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Day of Vacay

We have arrived and landed on Friday of a vacation week. A little bittersweet, for sure. I love it when our family can be together for several days in a row, and all the other obligations and appointments in the world fade into the background, and we have time to just enjoy life together, talk, make family decisions, and not be in a hurry about anything. We made it to the lake, a nice hotel, the pool, shows, dinners and shopping, but none of it seemed in a hurry, like life can be, and that can renew your spirit.

I do feel renewed. I am newly inspired in my writing, crafting, and even in my housekeeping, organizing, and working out. The coupon binder is all caught up and full of coupons--which means more money for threads, papers and fabric! My latest thing? Glue dots! I loves me some glue dots! So I used coupons and stocked up.

My Happy Anniversary roses

My favorite yarns went on sale--I was in the mood for lots of pinks! I also wanted plain ecru...but by the time I got there someone had bought ALL of the ecru! So, I thought someone must be making something special with that yarn, so blessings on them and their wonderful project, and then I bought the color-speckled ecru! I came home, watched a great movie with my daughter and rolled my sugar and cream yarns into balls and put them in a cute bowl. They look so yummy!

Last night my husband and I went to the ballgame, and I got to sing the National Anthem with a group of co-workers--that was so much fun! It was our third year to get the privilege of singing it, and we love every minute of this event! It was a perfect, cool, breezy night. We ate bratwurst and popcorn and enjoyed the game. Ahhh summer.

This week of June included my mom's 86th birthday, my daughter's 18th birthday, our 23rd anniversary, and here comes Father's Day this weekend! It was great time to take a little vacation, but when is it not?

Happy crafting to you--I hope you stay renewed and inspired! Eat good food, write a little each day, dream up some creativity, stitch on fabric, paper, and plastic!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by... and join the Friends list! I'm so glad you did, now I have a chance to meet and get to know you too.

    I already have a sense that there could be some 'kindred spirit' stuff in the works... I look forward to reading your posts and browsing through your site.

    Here's wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places...........

    1. Thank you Brenda--I LOVE your blog and am really looking forward to exploring it more! I need your kind of inspiration! See you soon dearest!