Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Here's the Dirt on WOYWW

My potting bench is one of my treasures, and this summer it is often my workdesk! This is "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday" so I'm giving you a walkabout from my potting bench and through my garden. If you would like to share what's on your workdesk today, visit here for WOYWW no. 160. Your workdesk might be anything from your neatly organized scrapbook table, to your kitchen table, to your sewing nook--it's up to you, and that's why it's so fun to visit everyone!

My husband made my potting bench about ten years ago, and my daughter and I stenciled it.

My potting bench is right out on my greenhouse sunporch, and it's where I keep my seed packets, bags of soil sitting around, little pots, and garden tools. I start planting seeds as early as February for things like my tomato plants, and I plant herb and flower seeds all summer long. I love cute little herb pots.

My mom gave me this little duck planter. Vintage!
So let's grab a watering can, and Minnie will join us and we'll go check on the backyard kitchen garden.

The tomato plants are loving the new big raised bed area.

I have basil plants all around the tomato plants--they are companions.

The tomato plants are really starting to load up with fruit, and the spaghetti squash and cucumber plants I started from seed are getting huge.

I've had the watering hose running because here in the Ozarks it is hitting the century mark and no rain in sight! I want plenty of juicy tomatoes to can this year, so I'm watering every other day. I plan to make salsa and I'm thinking of venturing into ketchup! That's so "Meet Me in St. Louis" of me! (they're making ketchup in the first scene of the movie...I love that)

So, after soaking the backyard kitchen garden, we're off to the front to water a few flowers, including a couple of areas where I planted tons of rose moss.

Then it's back to my potting bench to pull a couple of plants that didn't work out and plant some new zinnia seeds. I'm going to Zumba Gold class in about an hour, and then when it's too hot to be outside, I'm back to my latest stitching project. Happy WOYWW everyone! That's my Workdesk Wednesday! 

Never stop growing.



  1. yours most be the prettiest potting table i have ever seen,garden is looking good
    happy blogging
    kay #69

  2. You potting table is lovely & must make you smle eveytime you work on it. Happy crafting & gardening jill #73

  3. That potting table is fantastic! And your plants are looking so far advanced than mine. But was late getting greenhouse finished and we have had to start new veg patch from scratch as my chickens have taken over the previous one! And we wont mention the weather causing lateness!
    Hettie 149

  4. Looks like a little piece of heaven;0)

    Sheilagh 104

  5. Thanks for the tour around your lovely garden, back and front! Love the beautiful stenciled potting bench! Great idea to plant the basil in the box with the tomatoes, only my tomatoes get so over-reaching that the basil wouldn't get enough sun. Next year I'm doing patio tomatoes in the boxes, so I'll try the two together. Have a great week! Darnell #55

  6. Your potting bench is gorgeous ...and the results ... magnificant. #93

  7. Lovely pictures. i love the tub of roses best! Patsy from

  8. The cat looks like its helping alot, wish I had half your garden
    Bridget #27

  9. you have such pretty things for your garden!

  10. I love that potting desk... I have one too, an old Singer sewing machine table. I love potting up on it. Thank you for visiting, love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx