Monday, June 4, 2012

My Life in a List

I love making to do lists--and the other day I realized that of all the things I do every day, I always make some kind of list! I also keep a creative journal, but I certainly do not add to it every day. I gave up on just straight journaling years ago! I simply don't like it because I feel too "oh it's all about me!" and yet I know that some people are very talented at their journaling--just not me. BUT, writing down ideas, drawing pictures, and having a thought or two suits me fine! And I enjoy journaling an event or a trip in my scrapbooking.

But, back to my to-do list idea. It crossed my mind that if I just added a little more to my daily to do lists, they are a real snapshot into my day. If I make a list every single day in June, and scrapbook it into its own little journal,  that could be quite fun! Plus, I have so many of those lists pads, so I can use a different one each day. And eventually when this all gets put together, they will be inked on, torn, punched and colored.

I have already noticed that stitching is on my list pretty much every day. I like that. Happy Monday! Oooh! I get to put on my list that I blogged today! Albeit a short one--but a blog is a blog is a blog!

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  1. I LOVE the colours here.... and that jar of threads is just SO inviting.....