Wednesday, September 14, 2016

WOYWW 380--Oh dear she's having her cake and eating it too

YES. That's cake on my desk with my coffee in the morning light. Oh dear. Has it come to this? I'm so busy I have to eat cake for breakfast? Well, twist my arm. Because it's brown sugar cake, and it's pretty good for breakfast! (Let me know if you'd like me to post the recipe--very easy.)
Anyhoo. Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday lovelies. It's number 380! And Julia's planning a crop. Wish I could cross the pond and go. *sigh* I'd drop everything.
second floor sunroom
I'm cross-stitching, getting the dollhouse caught up--I wanted to stitch a room a month this year and I'm almost done with the August room. Woo hoo! (Hello, it's September) See, this is why I don't do large patterns anymore--they take a year. But I dearly love this dollhouse. 
I actually have a dollhouse, and I've decorated it with patterned paper on the walls--meant for scrapbooking--I've stamped in it and on it, and I even have furniture from my childhood in it, so it's pretty special to me, and I couldn't pass up this cross-stitch house. Hey, here's a link to when I blogged about my dollhouse and you can see if you fancy it. I created a craft room in it--so it's not for a little girl, it's for me!
The Scrapbook Dollhouse Project

And this photo is for Jan and Julia because they know how I am rubbish at crochet and everything turns into a circle! But I found a youtuber who finally taught me what I was doing, and I made a headband. Woo hoo!

So see why I eat cake in the morning? I need lots of energy to cross-stitch, crochet, and do the business of daily life. I also like to find time to write, and I may be joining choir soon.

Oh dear.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. Ohhhhhh boy, I love your dollhouse!!! Looks like someone likes it besides yourself!!! It would NEVER last at my home...I have 3 of those kitties and they would destroy it! LOLOL I would love the recipe for that scrumptious looking cake! I'm not too proud! LOLOL Blessings for the rest of your week!: ) Felicia #42

  2. Wow! What a beautiful cross stitch! You are way more adventurous than me. I just did a small 3 or 4 inch pillow in cross stitch. That was enough to tell me that wasn't my favorite craft. But you do it so beautifully! As for your original doll house...WOW! Double-WOW! I LOVE the craft room! It reminds me of my handmade Barbie house I used to have. Thanks for sharing with us! (My Scrap Menagerie - Jen #47)

  3. Busy lady today and lots of lovely crafty stuff on your desk. If cake is what you need then eat it Lol! Thanks for the visit to mine, pleased you liked my shrine too. Happy woyww, Angela x 19

  4. Oh I love the Dolls House. The cake looks and sounds yummy. I would like the recipe please. Thanks for popping by. Anne x #17

  5. I can't crochet at all so your 100% better than me! Happy WOYWW. Elaine no 20

  6. What's wrong with eating cake in the morning? I can't think of anything nicer than coffee and cake - although my blood sugar might disagree with me, LOL! I followed your link to the doll's house. Wowzers! I ADORE it! What a wonderful project! Love cross stitch and chunky crocheting too! Thanks for visiting earlier! :) zsuzsa #28

  7. Your stitching is coming along nicely! Lol at your crocheting 'circle'. My Nana was a great crocheter and Mum and I had been talking about it. Apparently Mum thought she'd give it a try, managed to find a video showing her how to do it. She showed me her results while I was home. The crocheting was beautiful. She did it well...except she couldn't work out how to do the corners so her lovely blanket is round!

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K#40

  8. Way to Go, Cross Stitch Girl!! I'm very impressed with the crochet too, the headband is looking great. I learned to crochet from YouTube tutorials too, I liked the fact that you could pause and rewind certain parts if I needed more explanation. There'll be no stopping you now, lol! I've made various things but I really do enjoy making blankets best. It's something that I can do mindlessly while the TV is on (I'm hooked on the Paralympics at the moment!) If I wanted to making a garment though, I'd always knit it as I prefer the look of it.
    I wish you could come to the Crop too, I'd take you to Stonehenge, Avebury, Salisbury and Winchester, not to mention Bath and Oxford. There's so much to see!
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xxx

  9. Bring on the recipe and we can all have cake in the morning!
    Your dollhouse is super cute. I have my moms from when she was a kid. I played with it a ton! I can't crochet a lick..never thought of youtube for instructions.
    Have a great week!
    Chris P#34