Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cuppa Washi

Reminder: Your self-worth has nothing to do with your bank account. It has nothing to do with the size of your house, how big your crafty stash is, or carrying a designer bag.

Crossbody from Charming Charlie
Speaking of bags--I'm a bag lover--a bag is a bag is a bag. In fact, lately, I really prefer the gorgeous variety and well-made bags at amazingly thrifty prices at Charming Charlie. Beautiful colors, vegan leather and gorgeous hardware that stays shiny for a long time. Shiny! And my favorite tote bag? The one my friend Jan made for me! She lives across the ocean, and made the cutest ever tote bag from fabric that makes me feel like it's spring.

All that being said, I am on a no-spend until Christmas shopping time. One of the things that makes me happy is shopping my own closet, shopping my own stash, and looking at things in a whole new way. Like this cuppa washi I created.
That was a stack of washi I got for less than three bucks at TJMaxx and instead of putting it on a ring, like I usually do, I displayed it on my desk in a cup--very handy as I use washi for everything. Cuppa washi for me....love it. My friend Susan used to own a pottery painting shop, and my daughter and I loved to go there, pick out a piece of pottery and sit and paint. I also went to a few girl parties there where we relaxed, brought appetizers, chatted and painted. So fun. When Susan was moving and selling the business, she gave me a couple of things that she herself, a very talented artist, had painted, and one of them was this lemonade cup. I've now had it for years. You can find new inspiration and new ways to display things from all kinds of things around your house and having a few sentimental things on your desk that bring back happy times is delightful. You don't have to go buy something.

Shop your stash, rearrange, and reinspire yourself.
Rings of wash in my beautiful box.
Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch

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  1. Oh Sandy love your frugal imagination and sayings, I so agree with that last sentiment, it's not having at all is it? "Being content with such things as Ye have ".. is how Paul put it in his epistles, and I add ditto to that :)
    Happy WOYWW!!
    Shaz in Oz.x #19

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}