Thursday, September 22, 2016

♥Why You Should Dance Every Day♥

I started going to a new church recently. Love this church. Anyway, each Sunday we happened to sit in front of a beautiful elderly lady sitting alone. There was something just, I don't know, sparkly about her. I was very drawn to her and she always noticed us each week and let us know that she looked forward to seeing us the next Sunday. Her husband sang in the choir, so she sat alone until he joined her in the service.

One Sunday he sang special music, and she was so proud. She patted me on the shoulder to tell me, several times during the service, that he was going to sing.

The next Sunday I told her what a great job he did, and that I too used to sing in a choir. She remembered this and mentioned it the next time I saw her.

I was thinking about her this week and looking forward to seeing her sparkling little face. She's a tiny thing. But then I found out that last Sunday, after she took my hand and I told her goodbye and told her to have a beautiful day, she had fallen later that day and broke her hip. She died this week from complications of that fall.

I was completely shocked that someone so special was gone so quickly after I met her. But then, from people that know her well, I found out so many amazing things about her. First, she had extreme dementia. I thought she might, but, she remembered my husband and I week after week. Then I learned she used to jitterbug, and did it so well she won contests. I knew there was something special about her, because I love dancing, and dancers and all of it. She had a dancer's heart. I knew it.

While I can't share all the personal things in her life, like how she even served in the war in a special way, it amazes me because I didn't even need to know any of it to see her sparkling, shining beautiful spirit. It all just came through loud and clear in her eyes and her smile and I now know I had the privilege of meeting an amazing, talented, brave woman for the last few weeks of her time here on the planet. This was some special timing, because I almost missed her.

I know there's no wheelchair with her now in her heavenly realm, and she is jitterbugging to her heart's content. So, I will keep dancing, while I can, at all, even if it's in the kitchen to the radio. You hear that Justin Timberlake? Old ladies like me dance to your music, because it's good for the soul, it's important, and now's the time to take a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance. Right Edith?

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Dance 

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