Wednesday, August 3, 2016

WOYWW 374--Stitchers Gonna Stitch

Happy Wednesday fellow desker. I hope you are doing well and having a good week! I have to share I've had better weeks. I lost my sweet sweet kitty Minnie almost a week ago, and it's been very hard to not have my little companion by my side each morning. We had her for 16 sweet years, and she was smart, brave, beautiful and graceful. So I guess I do what any crafter does when they are sad, need a distraction, and need to heal the heart. I make something. And here it is on my desk, just in time for What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday.
When I cut out the pieces--it is lined with felt

It's my Paris pouch. I was learning from a tutorial the best way to make a simple zipper bag. I love this cute Paris fabric, and after I make another one I'll post my own experience with it. Very fun though, and it was easier than I thought since I've always been rubbish at zipper projects.
The Eiffel towers are glittery
Since this was an experiment, I just used the zipper I had, so now I know what to buy.
And there sits my dollhouse cross-stitch project. That was the July room, and I have not finished it! I was previously ahead of things, and now I'm behind. It was a very busy, hectic July, and I hope I'll catch up in the next couple of weeks.

Lastly, here is why we scrapbook. I totally forgot I did this scrapbook page just a couple of years ago featuring the kitties. I love this photo of my Minnie girl also there with my daughter. She'll never be forgotten.
Hug your kitties.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. I knew there had to be a reason to all my scrapping! Lovely zipper pouch. BJ#9

  2. Oh I'm so sorry to read about Minnie, it ust feel very strange without her. I think youre right, making stuff is a god distraction, and I love what you've been doing - Jan will also tell you that she avoided zips for a while; she's incredibly good at them!

  3. Aww, Sandy. Sending gentle hugs for your loss. I try not to think about the day when I will no longer have my sweet Spirit cat (7th generation Panther) or my healing Goddess (who looks like she's part raccoon. LOL). Goddess is my little nursemaid who wakes me when my sleep apnea kicks in.

    go you on trying the pouch! Zippers can be buggers when you first start out. I kind of like that green with the pink.

    Creative Blessings and more hugs! Kelly #38

  4. so sad about Minnie...
    love your Paris bag, such gorgeous fabric. Helen #4

  5. So sorry about Minnie, it is awful as they are really part of the family. Your fabric is lovely and has been turned into a lovely bag. Lea #43

  6. Hi sandy, so sorry to hear about your kitty, I know exactly how you feel. It's almost a year now since we lost ours, and I'm only now thinking about adopting a rescue cat. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xxx

  7. Aww, I'm still sad about Minnie :-(. These blooming pets worm their way into your heart, dont' they? I'm giving Harry and Ron an extra tickle right now.
    Hey, your Paris bag is great, it's not such a hard thing to do, is it? I hated doing zips but honestly, I am blasé about doing them now.
    And your July was super busy so don't beat yourself up about the cross stitch, it'll get done eventually. Keep crafting lovely gal, it'll help with missing Minnie.
    Hugs, LLJ 8 xxx

  8. I am so sorry about your kitty. :-( It is hard to lose a furry friend. I do love your Paris pouch.
    April #24

  9. I love the Paris bag and well done for tackling zips - they are not something I can do at all.
    I'm so sorry to hear about Minnie - how sad for you. I'm sending a hug across the ocean.
    Diana #19 xx

  10. So sorry to hear about Minnie. She's had 16 wonderful years with you. I hope Oreo will be with us that long. Love the scrapbook layout - it's good that you have those lovely photos to remember her by and one day, perhaps quite soon, you'll feel ready to welcome another kitty into your life, not to take her place in your heart, but to bring you happiness. Thinking of you xx Zsuzsa #21

  11. Sorry to read about Minnie. 16 years is a long time. I know you will miss her a lot. But times heals as they say. Love your zipper puch. That Paris fabric is right up my street as I love Paris. Thanks for sharing. Take care Zo xx 25

  12. So sorry for your loss. I hope your crafting can help you heal. I love your paris pouch. Have a great week. LisaDV #23