Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The I Am Very Busy List Book

I have to write down my to do lists every week. I do love my phone and making notes on my phone, Instagram, and plenty of other social media and apps. And yet, I love paper more. (That's why I'm also a planner lover) Nothing digital could ever replace my good ole paper to do lists. I have been known to jot them down on cute list pads, calendars, and journals. But when I saw this notebook, which is 9X11, I decided I wanted, needed, and deserved a big beautiful sturdy notebook with really good paper to keep my beautiful to do lists at home--this is not a take-it-with-you kinda thing like my Midori--and these master to do lists can be in effect for a week or even a month. Also, let's face it, the sight of a big white clean sheet of lined notebook paper is perfect for back-to-school time and makes me happy to fill it up.
 This particular notebook has almost hard covers on it--it is super nice with its pretty gold coil and meant to be used for quite a long time. The notebook paper inside is a nice heavy stock, brilliant white, has a place for the date on each sheet and inside the pockets are made of a glossy, sturdy and heavy stock. The whole notebook, by Ban-Do, feels heavy and smooth and would make a great gift as well. I happened to find it in a little bookstore that was carrying Ban-Do products, but you can get it online.
I have my system figured out! I have a cute clipboard notebook folder with a fat paper pad inside (from Hobby Lobby)--this is where the grocery list lives, and then each sheet inside is dedicated to house lists, crafting lists, and ideas that are not dated lists with due dates. There are sketches of card ideas, pillows I want to stitch, etc.

Then my big new list book is simply meant to hold my to do list for the week--but if it lingers on a few weeks, that's okay. And when I'm ready, I'll copy over whatever is left and make a new list at the beginning of a new week! Oh...the lister in me is so happy, I don't even want to hear anyone say "I never make a list, what a hassle, or lists are silly." Listen Boo, you do you, and I'll do me. And me...likes paper and lists!
My markers tuck nicely into a cubby shelf
So here's the other part I like. What I use to make the lists: color!
Yes, those are chakra rocks on the shelf above
Part of the fun of making a list that is essentially going to live for several days is making every item a different color and including some doodles.
These fine point markers just make me happy.
I hope they last a long time! I use them in my coloring books too.
And another option is of course a multi pen. So when my beautiful list book is filled up with every page full of lists and doodles, then what? The cover is so pretty and sturdy on this, I don't think I could just toss it like you would with a normal notebook. So my plan at that point is to, of course, upcycle it! All those colorful lists will make a gorgeous background to lay on top some art journaling. Then it will have a second life as an art book. All my lists will live on and be a little hidden too. And yes, I'll still be very busy.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch

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