Thursday, August 21, 2014

Doodle a Day

Wouldn't it be amazing if I actually could make myself get into that art journal every single day and do something. AND, if I couldn't art journal for some reason, at least doodle something! I've been caught away from home many days with no art supplies or art journal in reach. But, I always have this little sketch book in my bag and a few colored pencils--so today I doodled. It felt good. I love to be grateful for something every day.
It's just not always easy to bring my big ole art journal with me when I have a heavy bag for the day already. I do like this little sketch book though for jotting down a doodle that can become a future art journal page.
I also had this stamp I just picked up at Michaels for three bucks. I couldn't resist the little typewriter! A clear block and little stamps are very portable.
Soon my little typewriter stamp become a full-blown doodle in my little sketch book. Happy.
Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Doodle


  1. Every year I start an art journal but never stick with it. Every time we travel I take a journal but never do anything in it. I really need to focus, :) Have a good day. Tammy

    1. Thank you Tammy! I think that's why sometimes I do better when I tell myself I'm just going to doodle something for a few minutes. Even just a word with a flower sticking out of it! Have a great day.