Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Girlie Apron

I made a girlie apron in one afternoon from fabric scraps!
I have wanted a girlie apron...oh...forever! I've seen these fabulous, ruffle-filled girlie aprons in shops all over the place. But my apronspiration started this past weekend with a little shopping trip to Pier 1. I LOVE Pier 1. We actually had a delightful Saturday that started with a family brunch at a wonderful breakfast buffet, and then followed by a trip to one of those huge DVD stores, and yes, I bought a DVD that has four Brady Bunch movies! And, right next door to the entertainment store was a big, luscious Pier 1 Imports store. I can get lost in that store for hours. So, here is the apron that started my madness.
A little apronspiration
Isn't this adorable? I may have to go back and buy it. In the meantime, it was my inspiration to make my own girlie apron. That's why I call it apronspiration. I noticed that the ruffles are not too tight, so I measured my apron skirt base, and figured out that I should cut strips of fabric to about 5-inch by 50-inch, and that would  be plenty to make my ruffles. Then, I found Mary--Mary Engelbreit! Apparently I had purchased a bundled remnant of Mary fabric for a dollar--who knows when I did this--and it was in my fabric stash. The Mary material is so cute with all of her fun sayings, so I decided this would be the first ruffle, but it would have to be longer so that you can see all of that fun stuff!
Mary Engelbreit fabric

I went through some of my fabric stash.
I put a small machine hem all around each strip of fabric, and began pinning and then sewing my ruffles, row by row.

The skirt base of my apron was a scrap of fabric from an old tablecloth--a very thick cotton. Then I found a cute embroidered tee towel that I had bought at the end of last summer, marked down to two dollars! This would be the bib of the apron.
One of my fabric strips has sequins--so girlie!
About an hour of pinning and sewing, pinning and sewing...
A tee towel is the apron bib.
Minnie helped, of course.

 I think when I'm wearing this apron, I may have to dance a little. It simply demands it. So, this may be the beginning of my new line of girlie aprons--for cooking, crafting, and heck, just wearing over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt! One thing is for sure--I will be cutting and sewing strips of fabric for the next several days! I enjoy it though. Now, to take my new measuring cups from Pier 1, and bake something!
My new set of measuring cups!

Eat, write, dream, and stitch something girlie--designed and created by you!

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  1. Lovely post. The apron is really cute and I will have to try it. You have inspired me.