Saturday, February 18, 2012

Needle and Thread Book

I always have a stitching buddy with me.

Stitching up a handy dandy needlebook this weekend is one of the fastest, easiest little craft projects around. And the best part is, I'm more organized than I was yesterday! 
I'm one of those who tends to buy tapestry and sewing needles about every other time I go to Hobby Lobby, because I can never find them! Also, I have a soft spot for those 14k gold tapestry needles--I love them and they slide through fabric so nicely and last forever...that is if you can keep track of where you put them!
All you need is felt, floss, a button, and a needle.

It's fun to start this project because you can use all your leftover felt squares from Christmas and Valentines projects. You can also make your needlebook any size you wish--you might want a little tiny one for your bag, or a nice medium size needlebook to keep on your sewing table. Then, simply cut four or five squares, all the same size of course, and then a rectangular piece to button your book closed.
Now, prepare yourself for how fast this is going to stitch up! You'll definitely want to consider this as a gift for your favorite sewists.

In putting this together, I realized it would be nice to have each little page dedicated to certain kinds of pins and needles to keep myself even more organized, so I embroidered on each page to keep them all straight. My first little needlebook features a tapestry page, sewing needles, and safety pins. But I'm definitely thinking I need a book that keeps my gold needles together all in one place, straight pins, and a variety of threaded needles too.
If you wish, embroider your book title on the cover, then sew on your button which will keep your book fastened. Then sew the strap with embroidery floss onto the back cover with a nice "x."  Embroider your page titles and then you're ready to blanket stitch the spine. I also gave the book cover a blanket stitch trim, and sewed around the button hole I cut into the strap.

My little Needle and Thread Book
Page 1 filled with embroidery needles
Page 2: regular sewing needles
Page 3: a few safety pins
As I was going through my needle stash and planning a few more needlebooks, I took some time to go through my mother-in-law's lovely stash of sewing delights that came to me recently in the cabinet of her 1950's black Singer Sewing Machine. I want to get it all organized and keep it together so my daughter can enjoy it too someday. I was really amazed at what the price of needle and thread used to be!

I don't know what year she purchased these, but I like the prices!
Good thread is so expensive now compared to what she paid here. daughter's opening night flowers for her winter play. Eat, write, dream, and stitch a little book just for stitchers!

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