Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tuning In to the Simple Life LOL Style

I bought my first clock radio when I was a young teen. I had saved up the whole thirty dollars, went downtown to the department store, fourth floor electronics, and got my fabulous treasure. It was the late 1970's, and that's what my radio played, non-stop. Seventies music! Woo hoo!

Later on, in the 1980's, I purchased a rather expensive pink boom box--but I have to say the sound quality was amazing. She was a young, very hip, boom box at the time. And that hot box went to the beach, the pool, the park, and filled my single girl apartment with eighties music, disco music, soul, talk radio, and even classical--whatever I was in the mood for. Afterall, listening to the radio is free. My priorities at the time were laying in the sun, and having fun.

Now, all these years later, in an iPod-digital-music-world, that old pink musical girl still has a rich stereo sound. I had her on today while I was reading, stitching, cleaning house, doing laundry, and clipping coupons. Her cassette tape player does not work anymore, and I don't even have cassette tapes. So she is strictly, a radio. But the radio is still free, and on Saturdays, they play one of my favorites: seventies music. And yes, I dance when nobody's looking. I love to dance, and the music makes me feel happy. It made me think about one of my favorite subjects: living a simple life. I ponder on this all the time. There's an LOL (Little Old Lady) who lives inside of me, and reminds me about the pure beauty and happiness of simple things. I guess I can't help it, growing up in cross-era's of simplicity coupled with technology. (I need to write a whole blog about that.)

My old pink boom box, strangely, makes me feel tuned in to simplicity. Just like Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, that kind of happiness really is in your own backyard. I took pictures in my backyard the other day, just to prove this to myself. Try it!
I started with my love of growing seeds. It's so satisfying, seeing my squash seeds grow into fruitful plants, and all my flower seeds becoming gorgeous blooming plants. Everything is growing!

In the morning, whenever it's possible, I love to get fresh air and a little sun and have my morning coffee. It feels like I'm on vacation, every time. Simple. Happy. Magical! (and yes, I listen to the radio)

I get a lot of happiness in needle and thread. Especially when the thread is beautiful colors of floss, and I'm painting with it.

I think living simply is being in tune with knowing the things that make you happy, the things that don't, and the things that are just, well, things. They are shallow, short-lived, of no value, highly trendy, and simply not worth your hard-earned money or time. Lately, there are so many fabulous "toys" out there that would be really nice to have. And I certainly have my share of technology in the house. But, always ask the questions, "do I need long will I have this...are there hidden costs."

This is why I listen to the LOL (Little Old Lady) inside...and she listens to the pink radio.

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