Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Is My Favorite Writing Month!

I love June for so many reasons--the sun, the fun, the birthdays and anniversaries we celebrate in our family, and the simple days. I go into the garden, first thing in the morning, check on the latest new squash and flower seeds emerging...make sure the tomato plants are happy, and smell the lemon thyme. I get some sun, and then I'm ready to write for a while. This is how I wrote my script collection last summer, Simply God. And now, in the mail, I received the bound copies from my publisher, Meriwether. Yay! I was oh-so-happy to get these and see my second collection come to life.

I was also thrilled to see that in their new summer catalog they are still listing my first collection, No Makeup Required. Oh, happy day!

This summer I'm focusing on three things: my full-length play, my novel, and a devotional book for stitchers. Something about this time of year, even though I'm still busy, makes me feel more relaxed and joyful.

I think that as a writer, it's good to be joyful. I'm so much more productive when I'm happy. That's why when I was a writer in the advertising world, I couldn't understand it when people tried to stress me out (deadlines, angst, and attitudes)--I had to be happy to write!

First page of the first sketch
There are so many writers in history that we know of as being either raging addicts, so intelligent they are depressed about everything, or, they are just "out there." (Louisa May Alcott, an opium addict; the troubled Bronte sisters; J.D. Salinger's "alternative" medicine regimens; Arthur Conan Doyle truly believing in tiny winged fairies; Emily Dickinson wearing white every single day and refusing visitors...and the list goes on).  

I'm just an everyday girl, who gardens, cooks, sews, writes--oh yeh, and I drink coffee out of a Tinker Bell mug every day. Hmmm.

None-the-less, my writing is part of the flow of life, and I couldn't do without it. So my plan for June: get up, exercise, coffee, garden, write, rest, lunch, and sew all afternoon. 

Of course, we have some side trips planned, and my daughter will want some movie and pool time--just try and keep me from the sun and the water!!! It's summa time!!!  

My new aloe vera from my sweet boys
I don't know how you measure a memory, and I can't move to Florida because I'm afraid of large bugs and hurricanes, but I will need every inch of my summer memories to get me through next winter!

Eat, Write, Dream and Stitch your heart out!

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