Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Wing and a Prayer

A little bird told me that embroidering on felt can be very habit forming! I have had a lot of fun crossing over into the world of embroidery, from my safe nest in cross-stitch land. Felt squares at my Hobby Lobby (we affectionately call "Hobb Lobb") went on sale, and I loaded up. Like cross-stitch, embroidery lets you paint with threads--DMC floss being my choice. The difference is, embroidery seems more free, and goes a lot faster. Learning some of the classic embroidery stitches takes no time at all, and you will love the results. Recently I heard a lady DJ on a local poprock station talking about how people should get over their failed love lives, even if they have to do something as boring as go to the Library and attend a lecture on needlepoint. I thought that sounded rather exciting, I wish we had more workshops on needle arts around here, so I guess I've officially become totally boring! (Woo hoo! I'm doing the "boring" dance) Actually though, what we do is not your grandmother's needlepoint--it is an art, and if we do something "grandmotherish" we call it "vintage." So there, lady DJ. I challenge you to an embroidery session with boring me! Ha! Anyway,  I I did send off to the DMC people to become a DMC mentor. When I get my free kits in the mail, I'm thinking about holding a cross-stitch/embroidery workshop at my church. I think that sounds like a great way to connect to other embroidery artists and create new ones!

Needless to say, I couldn't wait to gather some branches and hang my little birdies, as soon as I had stitched up several. They were so easy to make--I just cut a pattern in the shape I wanted for the bird body and the wings, cutting a total of four bodies and four wings for each bird, two in ecru and two in a color. I embroider some of them on one side, and then stitch it all together with a ribbon hanger. So fun! And a great way to help me recover from my yucky cold that plagued me for over a week. I'm still stitching birdies, but I've also moved onto owls--ornaments for our themed Harry Potter Christmas tree! My craft corner is quite the Santa's workshop lately.

Stitch up a little joy.

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  1. I love all of your birds. You have done a great job. Now where's that embroidery floss???