Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to Sniffles Island

It was a cold weekend, and I had a yucky cold. I felt so achy and tired on Saturday, that my bed became my island. It was complete with two cats, books, magazines, and of course, things to stitch in-between naps. When I had a little surge of energy I would sit up and drink hot tea and work on my birds. Sometimes I just cross-stitched. I am trying to finish up a gorgeous, glittering angel I started last year--she would make a great decoration this Christmas. I didn't get any writing done, and certainly didn't feel like cooking, but I did do a little dreaming. I have a basket of tags that have been piling into a collection for several months--the dream is to do some fabulous scrapbooking/tag book kind of mixed-media thing with them. My daughter's junior-size clothes tend to have the cutest brand tags on them! So we've been saving tags off of everything--isn't that a green kind of project? I love it. But, all I could do was sit and look at them for now. On Sunday I tried to get around a little more, and of course made it to my daughter's high school musical, South Pacific--and she was wonderful. I'm still fighting the sniffles and sore throat today--but that's not stopping me from dreaming and planning in the midst of my new fascination with embroidering on felt. Fat cats and owls are next on my list. My daughter wants one of our Christmas trees to have a Harry Potter theme! 

 So here's hoping that some eating, writing, dreaming and stitching therapy will have me back to 100% by Thanksgiving!


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  1. I'm sorry to hear you are under the weather, but it sounds like you made good use of your bed-time! Thanks for stopping by my blog!