Thursday, December 8, 2016

Midori Travelers Notebook Santa Style

I am very busy. At least, that is what's on the cover of my pink listy notebook I keep on my desk at home (see it right here)...and it's true! I haven't even had time lately to put new lists in it. (sad for a listy girl like me) But, last year, I had started stitching up Midori Traveler's style notebooks, and by the time I sold some of them, it was after the holidays, so I still had SantaDori in my stash. Although I love the upcycled Coach leather Midori I made, it was really fun to switch over to this Christmas theme for the month. 
 See how I upcycled an old leather handbag into a Midori notebook

 One of my favorite things about this large fabric Cahier-size Midori is how I stitched the inside with white felt lining, a cute pocket, a heart diecut from the fabric, and a Christmas tree pin. I had made a lot of those Christmas pins the year before out of felt, and so I just stuck one in there. So cute. At the time, the plan was to make a lot of SantaDori's and use up all those Christmas tree pins. Sigh. Maybe next year.

I'm on the go right now with work and a show I'm in (9 to 5 The Musical), so this notebook is fully loaded and keeping me sane. It has two six-month planners, a list book with every list I need for every thing, a folder packed with diecuts and scraps, a dashboard I made to keep extra posties and washi, a business book with plans and ideas, and a verse and phrase art journal to play in. Plus I have extra Ink Joy gel pens hooked on the side there--I really love those gel pens they've come out with.
Playing in my art journal phrase/verse book
Does this Midori stay with me at all times. Oh yes. Is it like a personal assistant? Definitely! Plus, if I have a little downtime, I've got art supplies.
I love my sugarplum fairy Nutcracker charm on the spine.
And, I have a home for my cute DIY decorative paperclips. They really come in handy here.

Because this Midori has a pen loop stitched on, I can just clip on a few binder clips to also carry around the extra gel pens, and keep my Smashbook marker/glue pen in the loop.

Most crafters probably have all the supplies they need to stitch up a Midori style notebook, in whatever size you wish. Then, load it up with everything you need!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch

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  1. Lovely, fun.
    Former teacher and student at hillcrest high school