Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WOYWW 344 - Happy 2016!

Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday lovelies! I took a holiday from posting my desk, but I'm ready for a fresh new year.
Here we are, right in the middle of my main crafty desk haven. I love it here, and I think everything around me shows it. It's quite clean at the moment, because I've had some extra days to be here, organize, clean, and go through things. Yay me. I've got my favorite homemade junk journal out. I did a page featuring a cross-stitched heart and my sewing stamps. This art journal/junk journal is made up of the prettiest blank pages from three old date books that I just loved, and didn't want to discard. I just took a couple of rings, punched holes, stitched on some of the pages, added some embellishments, buttons, beads, and put it all together so that now I can add and journal even more. Lately I've been adding inspiring bible verses.
Also to the right is a little vintage ice cream goblet with mini gel pens from the Target dollar spot. I love them! You can go back to my post yesterday all about that little haul.
And here are the links to how I made my junk journal:
Homemade Junk Journal Part I
Homemade Junk Journal Part II

But in case you think my desk is too clean and I'm not doing anything fabulous and crafty--I'll swing over to the left. Here I have the old vintage, um, kind of, podium table? I often write, stamp and color on it, because it is slanted down which makes it very comfortable. Here you can see though, I've been doodling in my Midori planner, and starting the big huge dollhouse cross-stitch that was posted a room at a time last year on El Blog De DMC. And by the way--she's starting a new house this year. So excited, even though I'm just now starting the 2015 house. So fun.

What's up on your desk? I can't wait to see. I've missed everyone.

♥Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. Hi Sandy Leigh, two sides to the desk makes me smile, I think we all do. New year fresh start on new projects, have fun and a great week RobynO#21

  2. Thanks for those links Sandy! They're well worth a visit! So many beautiful pages! Hey, there was a Christmas Special for Downton Abbey, the last ever episode (sniff) - I haven't seen it yet but have it recorded - it ties up all the loose ends left dangling in the air when the last series finished. Hope you won't have to wait too long to see it! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #39

  3. Pretty flowers in the background Sandy. I too picked up some of the gel pens and the cross stitch heart I did last year. I like the idea of your Junk Journal. Enjoy happiness in the New Year and lots of crafting

  4. Fab desk and journal. Take care Zo xx 42

  5. Your junk journal sounds a fun idea. Love the bird on your large journal page. Enjoy your cross stitching. That sounds like a lovely project for the new year. Barbx #28

  6. So many lovely things as always, Sandy. I've just started watching Downton right from the beginning again. Well, we've got to do something to get our fix now it's finished haven't we???
    Happy New Year
    Hugs Lisax #18

  7. My wardrobe is the next on my hit list Sandy. It's ridiculously full with all my charity shop and vintage finds.
    I love your journals. Other people's are always interesting and inspiring
    Lynn xx 17

  8. Busy busy busy. I like the idea of a junk journal too. Have fun crafting


  9. I swear, you are SO busy, and so talented. I can't believe all the various things you are working on at the same time. Happy WOYWW on Thursday from #1.

  10. I love the way you just stitch embellish and apparently throw it together, so casual, and oh so successful. I love the podium style desk too, it makes so much sense doesn't it. And you have to put most of the stuff away each time..could be just what I need!