Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WOYWW 330--Lazy blogger, busy crafter writer girl

So here's a clean desk for you...

It is What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday time. I am busy on a few writing projects, which are on my computer, not here...and some stitching projects on another table. But here is some knitting, a sheet of stickers I just printed out, my Midori where I'm doing planning and art journaling daily, my morning cuppa in my Minnie Mouse mug that I love, some planner supplies in a repurposed makeup caddy, and all of that adds up to my lazy blogging!

Hopefully I'll get some blogging done next week--I am just loving working on my writing projects and I will have to interrupt that soon to make an anniversary card for some special friends. If it turns out halfway cute, I'll share! I found this free printable. I print these on the Avery Shipping Label sheets to make them into stickers, and then my 2-inch circle punch is perfect to punch them all out.

Summer is turning into fall today it seems...I don't like it, but I like it more than winter! Also for my British lovelies, I have some news. I did one of those DNA kits and it says I'm 30% Great Britain!! Now I know why I love all my Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, and Mr. Selfridge programs! It makes sense now. From there it narrows down to 20% Iberian Pennisula, 19% Native American, 8% Irish and so on. It's all amazing.

Have a happy week.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. It sounds as if you're having a busy time and I'm sure the card for your friend will turn out fine. Have a lovely week. Barb #24

  2. 30% GB sounds right for a Downton fan!! Your little labels are great and so quick to make I guess. x Jo

  3. The stickers are cool! I'm fascinated how much info you got from the DNA search totally cool!

  4. How fascinating to have your DNA tested. Love those stickers you've made. Happy Wednesday to you :-)

    Fiona #43

  5. Great idea on the labels...nice variety too. Glad to hear others are super busy, thought it was just me getting old. Have a lovely week

  6. How interesting to have your DNA tested like that - and so exciting to find where you come from - no wonder you love all those British dramas! Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #18

  7. My DH did one of those DNA tests, found a sister he didn't know he had and a whole new family!!! Still have no idea who was more shocked he or she!!!
    Brilliant idea for the stickers - easy peasy when we know how! lol
    Take care
    Bishopsmate #48

  8. Oh, you had to have some British blood in you, given your love of the Classic TV shows!! And then the other parts explain your dark colouring interesting! Gordon and I had ours done too and while I'm 100% Celtic, Gordon had a very rare marker that descended from Thrace (modern Bulgaria). We can only think that a Thracian auxiliary in a Roman legion came to Britain and married a local girl! Less than 0.02% of UK males have this marker...good fact huh?
    Hope your eye spot went ok btw,
    Hugs, LLJ 17 xxx

  9. Well, that certainly does explain your love of Dowton Abbey! - the last series of which has just started airing here, by the way. I always think of you when I watch it! It's such a shame it's coming to an end. Great idea with the circle punch! I so love circles - and squares, for that matter! I used to have circle and square punches in different sizes, but I sold them when I bought my Cameo. Now I'm kicking myself because I really miss them. I can't get my cutting machine fired up every time I need a circle, LOL! So I just hand-cut them. Happy day after WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #36

  10. I'm very late, sorry!
    Of course you have British blood in you, although all the other percents add up to way more than 100, so pick the ones you like the sound of! I love those labels, they were a good find, pretty font. I like the idea that you're writing too, you can come back to the blog when you're ready, we'll wait. A bit!