Sunday, September 20, 2015

Visible Storage in a Make-Up Bag for My Most-Often-Used Stamps and Ink Pads

 Now I can see my stamps and ink pads! It all the started the other day when I was ordering my favorite Anew moisturizer from Avon and needed to up my order a little to get the free shipping. So I found a four-piece makeup bag set marked down from 20. to 8. The perfect amount! (sorry, I think they sold out of them, but this is a common type of makeup bag.) When I received it, I realized that a couple of the bags in this set should be repurposed for crafts.

I love using makeup bags in the craft room--case in point, my hanging makeup bag that houses my jewelry making tools and findings, and the small pink Caboodles Jellies organizer that holds my planner stuff.

I wasn't sure right away how I would use these new bags until I stared at them for a few days. Then it hit me. I always wanted a way to keep my most-often-used ink pads and stamps so that I could see them, have space around my desk for them, and also just grab them on the go. This big square clear bag was perfect for that.
This bag holds a lot, zips all the way around, and has a handle on top. Inside I have six big ink pads, three small ones, three square acrylic blocks, one large rectangular acrylic block, my big patterned stamp cube I use all the time, several other wooden block stamps, an alphabet stamp set, my Smash date stamp with the green handle, and several unmounted stamps as you can imagine. The unmounted stamps are the ones I'll switch out sometimes depending on what I'm working on. But I do love my typewriter stamp, so it will live here.
It doesn't look that big but holds a ton!
And it all zips up nice and tidy. So nice that I can hold it up and see what's in there! Yay! I can easily switch out stamps from the large storage of all my unmounted stamps and additional blocks. I don't have that many ink pads--but I tend to go to a few favorite colors anyway. And I still have three other makeup bags that came with this set that were meant to go inside this clear bag. Woo hoo! Thank you for the sale Glad I got this while you had it. Have a good week.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. Now that's a win win outcome eh? You'll have beautiful skin AND neatly stored stash. I love it when a happy accident happens :-)
    LLJ xxxx

    1. Me too! And here I just thought I might be buying something useless to get out of paying a shipping fee!

  2. Sorry. I came to visit this week's workdesk but got distracted by this post. I love that you have a grab and go bag of your most frequently used items. That is such a good idea.