Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Playing with Dollhouses and Scrapbook Paper - More Scrappy Stash Busting

I actually do know grown women who have dollhouses. One lady in particular would host the best Christmas open houses and always feature her Victorian dollhouse decked out for Christmas. My dollhouse actually came to me from a stage show, Secret Garden. My husband designed the set, and a dollhouse had to be built and look as if it were on fire during the show. Later, after strike, no one wanted the little house, so I adopted it. For a long time it was pretty traditional looking. Then, my scrappy stash bug hit, and I painted and redecorated the whole thing...the way a scrapbooker would.

See some of my dollhouse renovation from last year.
For the past few weeks I've been posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the more unique ideas for busting that beautiful stash of scrapbook paper. One of my favorite ways ever to enjoy my pretty papers is displaying them in a dollhouse.
Scrapbook paper layered on the living room wall.
I mean face it, some of us would wallpaper our own houses with this stuff if we could. This is the next best thing.
Vintage wrought-iron furniture from a dollhouse my dad built me when I was little.
My dollhouse is filled with dollhouse furniture and miniature tea sets from my childhood, some from my daughter's childhood, a few little purchases here and there, like my old-fashioned stove, and my favorite thing which is actually using Christmas ornaments as things for the dollhouse, like the blender, the toaster, and the chandeliers. There's a little crystal punch bowl from my mom, and sunflower seeds from my garden in a bowl! I even have a little typewriter in the craft room that was originally a pencil sharpener! I guess it still is a pencil sharpener.
The craft room has scrapbook paper everywhere.
I also love taking some of my more wonky knitted hearts and using them as throw rugs throughout the house. I embroidered the welcome mat at the front of the house--which is never really seen--on a square of felt.
There are little hand-sewn pillows in the bedroom top floor--I could definitely add some scrapbook paper to the ceiling--that's next.
I have a dollhouse in my dollhouse.
If you have little ones with dollhouses - let them help redecorate with your pretty papers!
I love this teapot scrapbook paper on the kitchen wall.
So my dollhouse has performed on stage, provided a place to keep childhood treasures, and now it's a showcase for some of my prettiest papers. All great reasons to have a dollhouse!
I used some letter stickers on the front, and there is stamping on the floor.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch

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