Thursday, July 2, 2015

DIY Cell Phone Holder - Busting Your Scrappy Stash

 Here's another quick idea to help you enjoy your pretty paper stash...
Make a cell phone holder! It's very easy--but you need to find a plastic case to upcycle. I made this one from an old acrylic computer disk case, believe it or not, but you can actually use an acrylic cassette tape case and achieve the same results. A cassette tape case will probably still have the J-card inside, and you can use that for your template.
Found this when I cleaned out a closet at my office!
I didn't have the J-card in this to use a template, so I just eyeballed it, trimmed out my scrapbook paper to fit inside, after the case is standing open, and then I trimmed a little square piece for the inside bottom to coordinate and used both adhesive and some washi tape.
I love being able to both stare at some of my pretty papers, and have a stand to keep my phone on my desk! Also, it always feels good to upcycle.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Upcycle

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