Monday, May 14, 2012

It Was the Happiest of Mothers Days

Usually, on Mother's Day, I get up early, go to church, get to stand and be recognized with the other mothers, and then receive my carnation on the way out.
But this Mother's Day was different. It had been a lovely, but extremely hectic and busy week. I have a lower back strain--and I was sooo tired!
This photo is what I woke up to: a beautiful bouquet of roses and my morning coffee. I got to drink coffee in bed! LOVE IT!

I skipped church.

I laid in bed, drank my coffee, watched The Barefoot Contessa making brunch, and smelled my roses. I have the sweetest husband. (Sweet daughter too who bought me my favorite Body Shop Body Butter!)

Further proving his sweetness and helpfulness, my husband had worked all day Saturday to finish putting in my new raised bed garden.

To me, this fresh, new, raised bed garden is a beautiful sight and site. It is built over the old middle garden, and it is full of nothing but promise at this point. Ignoring all back pain, I had an egg, and went straight out to get busy with the first planting.
I brought along seeds, gloves, "Mater Magic" and a couple of cats.
One of my smaller raised beds is full of luscious varieties of Thyme...and my cat Minnie.
I plotted out where I would plant the first tomato starts--and drew up a little garden plot on paper so that I could remember what variety went where, and where I have planted basil and squash seeds.
 The tomatoes went in with plenty of room to grow! My back went a little numb, but a hot shower took care of that!  Then it was time for Mother's Day lunch at Heminway's Blue Water Cafe.
Hemingways is my favorite--delicious chef food! Their Mother's Day buffet had it all.

I feel blessed and fortunate to have my 86-year-old beautiful mother--and she is crazy about her granddaughter!

After we enjoyed the luscious first few courses--it was time for the dessert bar!

Best thing about Mother's Day dessert? The chocolate fountain!!!


Now, the last thing I need is to stuff my face with a bunch of desserts--let alone a chocolate fountain! So my plan, to enjoy all this, was to just take a little bite of a few things--who needs to eat the whole thing? But, it was my day, not to be a diva about it, and I knew the next day it would be back to a.m. oatmeal and noon turkey/veggie wrap!

My little dessert plate!

After this amazing Mother's Day lunch, we decided  to take my Mom walking around the store that houses this restaurant (Bass Pro) and check out the live alligator, and some of the fishie tanks. We had fun! And hopefully the walk helped us digest!

Ahhh...but now it's Monday and back to another busy week. I do have some beautiful time off this summer...I can't wait! But until then, I'll be tending to my garden, watching seeds grow, and organizing my other projects, hopefully getting some things finished up. And then there's always that crazy thought of entering things in the fair! We'll see.

Me and my sweet hubby

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