Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

I want those big fat bees back in my garden this summer!
 Let's hope the April showers have brought May flowers, because May is such a happy month! I brought home a whole tray of flowers last weekend--my own seedlings have not been doing well this spring, so I did not let that stop me from the hopes of having a fabulous garden--I found my garden at a greenhouse down the street and I am set to plant it! My handy hubby has the tiller out, and we will be putting in three new raised beds--so I am excited about the month of May!
 I have a lot on my list beyond creating my secret garden:
1- Spring cleaning and making the house look fabulous and smell sweet
2- Having a bunch of teenage girls join my daughter to get ready for prom night--I have some tasty snacks planned for their "getting ready" party
3- Stitching, sewing, and more stitching! I want to make a cute summer dress from a Simplicity pattern I have, and put together my next cross-stitch quilt--my sewing machine is going to be busy!
4- Writing, writing, writing. I am revising my play, and then back to the novel!
5- I have two birthday parties to throw, one birthday party to attend, and a 23rd wedding anniversary to celebrate--I have the day all planned too!
6- Planning vacation.
7- I am starting a Zumba Gold class this week--that is Zumba for middle-agers, in case you've never heard of that version of this aerobic dance party--I am excited and I hope I survive it! I'll let you know.
8- I plan to go on more picnics and walks by the lake!
9- Also, I need more girl lunches with my gal pals, and especially some wonderful girls I went to high school with--we are celebrating life with our memories of the 1970's and we have fun together!
Blessings to all as you enjoy your own eating, writing, dreaming and stitching. Happy May days!

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