Monday, May 9, 2011

In the Pink - Every Inchie Monday

I love creating something fun for Every Inchie Monday and I love Pink! This week's theme at is pink, and all that it implies. 

Everything pink I could stuff together and stitch together, I did! A big pink sequin, a hot pink sparkling heart button, little pink beads, and layers of pink fabric all went together.

After a busy weekend--which included an absolutely lovely Mother's Day--I was quickly stitching my inchie this afternoon just in time to photograph it before sunset!

An inchie is a little, dreamy one-square-inch of art, and on some inchies, I go simple, and on others, I load them up! The theme leads the way, and I just never know. That's what makes it so fun!

My husband is in an awesome play right now, The Foreigner, and his character's name is Froggy! This is his opening night bouquet. I love it!


  1. OH! A very glitzy, pinky, girlie, fun inchie! Love the shot of you stitching that tiny thing :)

  2. Most inchies seem to be of paper in one way or another so it's very cool to see one of stitches and fabric. I may have to try one of those for a theme..... where's my needle and thread again? :)