Monday, May 23, 2011

Every Inchie Monday Theme Today: Solitude

I'm definitely seeking some peace and solitude very soon.  
When I think of it, I place myself in my lush garden, mid-July, with a mug of coffee, the morning sun, and gorgeous butterflies enjoying the zinnias.

In the meantime, it was a hectic, stormy, late-May Monday and I made my Inchie on the go! Just grabbed my little crafty kaboodle, which is always packed with cloth, floss, needles, and knitting too, took it with me, and whipped up my butterfly while eating my pasta salad lunch. Pretty good! Happy Monday! I think my quiet little Inchie butterfly really did stitch some solitude into the middle of my day. 

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"Every so often I'm presented with a day alone, with no obligations, when the children have clattered out the door, and the husband is off on a trip, and the cat and I are a community. And as someone with a taste too, for solitude, such days are utter bliss."
--Catherine Calvert


  1. A beautiful inchie and a perfect way to find some solitude whilst making it :)

  2. Really sweet way to find solitude.

  3. I love the image of early morning solitude in a summer garden in the morning. Your butterfly inchie really reflects this idea nicely.

  4. This is great! What a lovely inchie!