Monday, September 13, 2010

Dining Room Dreaming and Stitching

It's was a huge bolt of fabric, purchased a couple of summers ago on a trip to North Carolina, and it demanded to be stitched into things.

The latest project all started when I was dreaming of my perfect, cushiony, gorgeous fabric chairs that will someday gather around a new farm table for the dining room. Sadly, the fabric chairs are not high on the list of things to be purchased at our house. 

In the meantime, the bolt of fabric, my Monster in a Box, (from a monologue I once attended with Spalding Gray talking about his out-of-control novel) promised to cover the whole issue--every sad little dining chair that I had tired of. So I took off all the old seat cushions with their outdated little birdhouses, and brought them back to life. No pattern - after washing all eight of them I simply laid them on top of the fabric and cut around them! I sewed in wide satin ribbon for the ties and made matching pillows to go with them too.
So happy with the result, I did the same thing for a little folding chair with some of my bright, happy leftover topiary fabric. I didn't work on this solid, but an afternoon here and there, and pretty soon I had recovered chairs, and a new attitude about fine dining.

I have to mention, that when I am tearing it up at my sewing table, my little cat Minnie has a lot to say about it! She really enjoys all the action around the house and is always ready to lend a paw.

Now it's back to some writing. I have a couple of script collections and a one-act still being considered by publishers, and my full-length play is in the process of becoming a staged reading this September or October--we are casting it and are very excited about this next step in its journey. I feel like it is my baby...these characters have only lived in my head for the past three years and mama needs to let go, but almost doesn't want to! However, I am all ready to start a new play! But I'm feeling the pull to get back to my one and only novel...finish it...and do the work to write the synopsis, outline, and the necessary query letters (that was kind of Mrs. O'Hara)--or even consider the new wide world of self-publishing. We'll see. The dream lives as I munch on a turkey and provolone wrap and drink diet citrus green tea!

Stitch happy!

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