Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dear Crafty Corner...Please Don't Hate Me...WOYWW 405

Dear What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday, oh my goodness I have missed you lovelies so much!! I can't believe I've been absent this many weeks from the coolest desk party on the planet...especially my crafty babes across the pond!!

And what do I have to share today, a mess! I think my crafty corner of the world hates me because, even though my show is over, I feel like I've had a million things going on and taking me away from my happy place! Now, mind you, it is not bad, because I've been having too much fun. But as you know, it all just turns into...what did Julia say today...a craft junkyard? Yes!! I'm with Julia on that.
Remember those crafty totes I told you about weeks ago? Well thank goodness for them, because they have helped alleviate what would be a giant mess. Instead it's just a medium mess on the craft table--enough to bug me.
I love these totes a ton, and they have taken the abuse of me just stuffing things in there because I don't have time to organize and think about it. This is the crafty tote that takes the mess off my desk. See how I bought Valentines stickers I did NOTHING with! Sad. They are cute though. I have a heart fetish.
This is my art journaling, bible journaling tote. Same story. I stuff stuff, get ready, and leave the house for all the things going on...retreats and new aerobics class I love...choir practice...get togethers...committee meetings...I would like there to be two of me. I kinda love washi tape by the way! I get so distracted, it's like...shiny!
Here's something that might save me...they had a big sale on storage/organizers at Michaels and I thought this was cute. It's going to take some thought though.

In the meantime...I took a teenage-style selfie in the office ladies' just to show you I'm still alive!!

I'm off for some visits, and I can't wait to see you lovelies and what you've been up to.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch