Wednesday, July 20, 2016

WOYWW 371--Play and Planner Mail and Another Cat Photo

Oh how I love happy mail. In the mail today, and now on my desk, was my July Sephora Playbox, and a brand spanking new planner. mail
AND...drumroll...Julia's hosting again!!! So excited to have our Julia and yet we still have our Jan who was the best BFF in the world to host this group of fine crafters!
Visit our desk and mess here at What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday.
making sparkly bracelets
It's the only place in the world where a desk is so much more than a piece of furniture.
I do love a little makeup--oh yes--and subscribing to the Sephora Playbox (10 bucks a month) lets me dabble in some luxury brands I am too frugal to buy, but I can still enjoy them and find out if I even like them or possibly can't live without them! It always comes with a fragrance sample, and I'm really enjoying that too--I've loved every fragrance so far. The deluxe-size samples are quite generous and it comes with a card that will automatically give you 50 bonus points in the store no matter what you buy. It may take a month to be on the waiting list to subscribe, but I really like it.
Here's a little unboxing moment:
The planner mail is a new planner by Orange Circle Studio that I had preordered on Amazon. It's a 2017 16-month planner that starts in August--it includes planner stickers and tear-out to-do sheets and shopping lists. Ten is my number, because the preorder price was 10 bucks! I've seen this planner priced as high as 14.99 and also someone mentioned they got it at a Home Goods store for 7.99--but it is not available at any store I have in my city. So I'm pretty happy with this.
I'll do a flip-through on the blog later.
I got my mail opened, drank my coffee, put on my makeup for the day, and then started cleaning off my desk for more beading. Then this happened.
That's my daughter's calico cat, Sweetie. And when darling daughter is busy and not at home at all, Sweetie sets up shop in my crafty corner with me. She is actually completely precious, but we have to clean our white bums on my nice white craft desk? *sigh*

Have a lovely week, and Julia, you and Jan both rock!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. Oh Sandy, your cat has made me laugh! The make up box looks great, a fab idea. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #3

  2. Hello Sandy - erm, yes, I see what you mean... Social skills still being learned?? That goody box looks a lot of fun. How lovely to open up lots of surprises each month.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  3. Ha ha.. oh dear.. some manner lessons are in order for sure! Lol
    Fantastic little hoard of goodies too. Elaine no. 15

  4. Ha - well that's what she thinks of your craft desk then!! Lol. You always have lovely bits and bobs to share with us!!!! x Jo

  5. LOLOL, what a glorious scene!! I have three and they all know just where to plant their bums! And isn't it even funnier that we don't shew them away, we just work around them! LOLOLOL Oh what a great life! :) Have a great Wednesday! :) Blessings, Felicia #40

  6. You have made me laugh - Sweetie could do with brushing up on her manners!! I love the idea of the make-up box, and although I'm not into make-up (I'm still wearing exactly what I was buying in the 80's) I would love the idea with craft stuff! Thanks so much for stopping by earlier, I hope you have a lovely week and enjoy your new planner.
    Diana #22

  7. I don't use make up either, but I like the idea of samples so you can try things out.
    Your planner looks great. Looking forward to seeing a flip through next week. Don't forget!
    I smiled at the cat manners. (I have a cat too and know too well).
    Have a great week,

  8. LOL at your cat. Mine doesn't jump up on anything except the sofa which he thinks is his. Hope you have fun with the planner. I'm not good at keeping them up. I try but it never seems to work! Let us know how you do.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #37

  9. Thihi.... That is how cats are.. I know - What a lovely desk you have today. Surprises and all is a great thing. Thank you so much for sharing
    Kind regards
    Mariane #41

  10. i love the planner! what a fab idea, it looks so pretty too! Lea #50

  11. LOL - cats love craft rooms. have a blessed day, donna #41

  12. LOL, kitty cat sure feels at home on your craft desk! Lovely planner - would love to see inside! I can't say I get too excited about make-up, but if anyone did a similar goodie box of art products, I will be the first one to sign up! Hey, wouldn't that be a great business idea! I just have to tell you, I started watching Downton Abbey from the beginning again - it has popped up on my Amazon streaming service a part of our subscription. I watched these early episodes years ago and I don't remember the details so I can enjoy them almost as much as I did when I first watched them. I always associate Downton Abbey with you for some reason, LOL! Thanks for visiting earlier! zsuzsa #28

    1. Oh I'm so glad you are watching DA! It is kinda great when we forget those early episodes and can watch the whole thing with delight. And I think you came up with a great idea. I know of no monthly craft supply subscriptions to give you a variety of products like that!

  13. Hello lovely gal, so glad to hear you're having lots of fun at the moment! That new planner is magniflorious (my son's fav word, combining magnificent with glorious!) you'll enjoy using that so much. The makeup subscription sounds good too....I enjoy wearing make up but am not good at applying it 😊
    Hugs, LLJ 11 xx

  14. That Jan, she really is the best BFF, the real deal. I sort of don't have words. I'm a bit awestruck by your 17 month planner, specially for ten bucks. And the goodie box too, what a nice treat for not too much, I like the idea of a small amount to try - even in crafting terms, it's definitely an appeal to me, I often don't buy paint and glue etc if they come in large amounts because I'm afraid I won't like them!

  15. great deals on the make-up. I've gotten away from wearing make-up. I sweat so bad when I go out anymore, just doesn't seem worth it. But if you know of a great waterproof mascara, I'd love to know. I miss wearing make-up. I'll have to watch for the planner flip-through. Planner girl here! And you're learning the hard way that we can't do anything with a cat claiming territory LOL At least she hopped up there before you got the beads out. :-) Creative Blessings! Kelly #38