Thursday, July 21, 2016

Orange Circle Studio 2017 Do It All Planner - Flip-Thru

 Very excited to get this in the mail! I had preordered the Secret Garden version of Orange Circle Studio's new 17-month weekly planner from Amazon for around $10. I can't seem to find their planners around my town any longer, so I was happy to preorder this very inexpensive planner. And I will tell you we flip will be perfect to use in my office this year.
Who doesn't love planner stickers and this planner has 300 of them. They are so handy, right in the front.
I may or may not have my Midori planner with me each weekday, so I can coordinate my office and home schedules in this planner, yet keep it at the office.
It has the yearly and monthly calendars.
Each monthly calendar has a lined space at the bottom to write notes.
It gives you a weekly vertical view. This is perfect for me, because I don't have an hourly type of schedule each day. But if I do have a meeting, it's easy to pen it in here with my daily to do lists. Each week has an inspirational quote too.
It also folds in half very nicely.
 In the back of the planner is a generous of amount of shopping and to do lists! They are perforated, so when I list things, I can tear them out and take them with me or stick them in my Midori planner which travels with me.

They give you lots of shopping and to do list sheets that can tear out.
Inside the back cover are some card holders--perfect to keep several business cards I need to reference.
And, of course, being a paper lover and planner girl I love both the pocket on the front cover, and how the label is designed to peel off so that you can decorate the front cover the way you want! Of course, this would be a perfect life planner for home too. Hope you enjoyed this little flip-thru. I just can't bear to use a boring planner, even at the office, so this one has everything I need since I work on the academic year in my office planners. Hope this helps you find your perfect planner without spending a ton!

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