Wednesday, June 1, 2016

WOYWW 365--Messy Desk Happy Mail

Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday!

Here's my messy, happy place. The stitching of my dollhouse is laying around there, knitting, and the main event of the day, putting together a new 2017 planner booklet for the Midori. I couldn't find something to print for the first six months of 2017, so I went to Yellow Paper House on Etsy and ordered the undated aqua planner--cahier size of course--for my big Midori and it just came in the mail. I found these heidi swapp planner stickers at Hobby Lobby and got those for just a few bucks with the coupon, and they are perfect to use for setting up this planner. For my work and home, I like to plan way ahead for the next year,
so this will be nice. I really like the weekly layout. Plus, I love decorating booklets for my Midori, and the Yellow Paper House booklets have the brown craft paper covers, so this will be so much fun. I also got the dots multi-color pages booklet so this booklet could be anything I want it to be. I have to say the quality of the paper inside the booklets is a nice heavy stock of paper, so these will stand up to everything I put in them. I think I'll do a separate post to show them off a little more and how I put the planner together.

In the meantime time, hugs and love to dear Julia who I hope is recovering comfortably, and thank you Jan for hosting the gang again! Happy Wednesday.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. It's all coming together nicely, isn't it? The planner, the lovely turquoise pages and the craft covers of the booklet. I can see all those keeping you happy for hours, planning away. I can't work that far ahead though, lol!
    Just a quickie today as I'm trying to visit all the desks...
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  2. The journal is looking great. I can see the stitching sitting there too. Nice.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #5

  3. Oh my! 2017??! I'm having trouble believing we are already in June of 2016! Don't think I can go that far ahead yet.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #15

  4. Looks like plenty going on here. I'm liking the look of the journal and hope we see how you progress with it. Happy belated woyww, Angela #25