Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ten Good Reasons to Thread a Needle

Recent studies have shown that sewing can actually help you relieve stress and lower your blood pressure.  

Wow. I know I love fact I don't think a day goes by that I don't thread a needle for some reason. So I thought I would share my favorite reasons to thread a needle...just for fun. (And by the way, my blood pressure was 120 over 70 yesterday.)

1. Sewing can be so creative. creatively!

2. Sometimes, it's just necessary--repairing that hole in your daughter's dearly loved shirt.

A little pink needle book--stitched quickly together.
3. It gives variety to life: sewing pieces of fabric together...cross-stitching...embroidery...sewing patches of knit squares together to keep you colorfully warm...quilting...mixed media stitching...sewing on paper for many ways to stitch!

4. Stitching gives you a little control in a big crazy world. You pick the thread. You guide the needle.

5. Sewing has a magical way of lifting away cares and offering some peace.

6. Make a doll for a'll never stop sewing.

7. Take a few little squares of fat soft felt, and some hot pink DMC floss...embroider a flower on the front, sew the three squares together down one side, and you have a little needlebook--buy some of those gold embroidery needles to tuck into it. A little bit o happiness. Perfect gift to tuck into a card!

8. Cross-stitch a heart and feel the love.

9. Make friends. An old-fashioned sewing circle...a workshop...a class at your fellow bloggers who love to stitch! Get together and make girlie aprons!

10. Teach a friend. Meet for coffee, give her a needlebook you made for her, and give her a gift that keeps on giving.

Inside the little pink needle book.

Beginning work on a bunny peep cross-stitch.
 Oh and a bonus:

11. Quality alone time. There's nothing like sitting on a sunporch, a sleepy cat at your feet, ice tea, your thoughts, and your stitching.


  1. Hi, it's so nice to meet you! I agree, crafting eases stress and lowers your blood pressure. During times of great stress in my life I have always reached for my knitting. Love your blog! Twyla

    1. Thank you so much Twyla! I discovered your blog today, and love it too!